Feet of Clay

T and I were watching Shrek one afternoon.  In one scene, Shrek was sad and was lamenting on why would someone as beautiful as Princess Fiona would love an ugly ogre like him?  My daughter turned to me and said – He needs his Mommy.

My two year old daughter believes in her heart that I can chase the blues away – not just the blues, but I can chase everything and anything away!  She believes that as long as Mommy is there, everything will be okay.

And Daddy?

Daddy can fix anything!  If a toy gets broken, or anything in the house for that matter, T would always say (with a faith and confidence that will break your heart) – Don’t worry Mommy, Daddy will fix it!

Daddy can do anything and fix everything.

My husband said to me once –

One day, she will realise that we actually have feet of clay.

I dread that day.

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  1. That is funny! But, that is true. One day, my kids will see I am not that strong. Maybe, they already know! Haha

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