I don’t want to go to playgroup!

says my two-year-old daughter.  She hasn’t been since December and I’m wondering now, should I be worried?


That’s T with in a pink-sweater with her cowboy boots on & F (her best-friend) in the number 17 shirt on.  She used to love play-group.

Here in the UK, children as young as 8 months (maybe even younger, I think it depends on the parents) to about two years old attend play-group or toddler group at least once a week.  Parents go with their kids and watch while they play and make sure they don’t get into mischief.  It’s also like a social thing for the parents where you can meet other, that’s how we became friends with F’s parents (T’s best friend).

Once they’ve turned 2, parents have a choice whether they want their child to also go to play-school, it’s a lot like play-group, the only difference is, you can leave your child with them.  Last year, T used to go to play-group on Wednesdays and play-school on Fridays.  For an extra fee (a very small one at that), your child can have lunch with the other children (or you can prepare a packed lunch for them) and then stay till 3.  T didn’t last till 3.  When we called to check on her, the child-carers said that she wanted to go home.  She hasn’t been to play-group or play-school since then.

We don’t really mind though and don’t want to force her to go if she’s not up for it.  Although I do worry that she needs to socialize more and play with other kids, but I also have to remind myself that she’s only 2.  I know it’s just a phase, I just hope she gets over it soon.  She used to be so excited about play-group  before.  I want her to have more friends too, and not be like me who really is a bit of an anti-social.  Haha.

Does your child go to play-school or the equivalent of play-school?


  1. mommyhasissues

    I wish we had something like that here. Preschool is so ridiculously over priced here in the U.S. Most places charge like $500 per month.

    • Yes, while play-group/school does help a lot, childcare is very expensive here in the UK especially if both parents are working. In fact, I think it’s the most expensive next to Switzerland!

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