I don’t really like to rant about bad experiences on-line.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do love a good rant especially when I’m ranting off to my husband, friends and family.  Nothing makes you feel better than a good rant.  But ranting about things like online shopping experiences like this post leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  But the thing is, when something like that happens to you, you just can’t help but do it, especially if you have a blog.  After all, it is your blog and you can write anything on it, as long as you do it responsibly of course.

So yes, dear folks, this is another rant.  Feel free to skip reading this post.

Here goes.  I have a new Mac Book Pro.  Since it’s new and does not come cheap, I want to make sure that I do all I can to make sure that I protect it from scratches etc.  My sister uses a hard-case on her Mac and suggested that I use the same product called Speck which has wonderful reviews online.  So I decided to get one and ordered it through iThings.  They looked like a good reputable website.  I actually saw the same product on Amazon and it was even cheaper.  But I didn’t want to take my chances and so ordered the pricier one on the said website.  I should’ve followed my gut and saved myself time and money.

I ordered the clear-case on the 28th of November.  Their website promised a 1-2 day delivery.  On the same day I ordered the product, they sent me a transaction confirmation email.  Goody!  I actually thought that it would be on its way.  I order loads of things online.  Yes, I’m a regular online shopper, not because I prefer to do it on the virtual world, but only because we live in a remote little village near the ocean in North Cornwall.  The nearest cities are Exeter and Truro and both are about an hours drive away.   Anyway, on the 1st of December, I checked my bank account and noticed that they’ve already taken the payment off my account.  That alone should’ve raised some bells.  From my experience (and like I said, I’m a regular online shopper), most online shops don’t take payment YET until the product is with you or is at least in transit.  That was the 1st of December and that was also the last time I heard from them.  So the days passed and I expected to hear from, once again, online shops usually send you another email to inform you that your product has been despatched and in fact, you can even track your package.  Isn’t that great?  No such email from iThings.  In fact, I emailed them twice, but didn’t hear from them except an automated reply saying they received the email.  I also tried their chat-function online, but nothing happened the first time.

Today, I tried to phone them twice.  Guess what?  No answer, except for some lovely jazz music on their play-list and then an American sounding automated message, asking the customer to leave their name and number.

By this time, I’ve lost my patience and once again, tried their website and chat-function, and lo and behold!  It actually worked!  Someone was online to chat with me, whoopee-bloody-doo-dah!  So I gave them my details and my complaint and then waited another ten or maybe even twenty minutes.  I thought they disappeared but left the chat box open, and then lo-and-behold again, they replied!  And this is what they said:

So an error occurred and they committed another blunder by failing to inform me and I actually had to chase them down only for them to tell me that “Oopps, sorry.  Our mistake.  But don’t worry, will send it today”.  Sorry?!  Sorry?!  Grrr ….

I don’t mind mistakes and errors, that happens.  But what really irks me is that I had to chase them down and it’s as if they’ve only just processed my order right there and then, or worse that they’ve only realised the error AFTER I’ve chased them down.  Oh not only that, they’ve taken out money from my account without processing the order.

In the physical world, if a customer goes into a shop and takes something without paying, isn’t that stealing?  If the customer gets caught, do you really think they could get away with “Oops, sorry.   I was really planning to pay.  I just kinda… err… forgot?”.  No, chances are, you’ll be hauled to jail and have a police record for theft even if you’ve genuinely just forgotten to pay.  That’s about.  Rant over.

Dear iThings,

Your service is crap.

From a very disgruntled ex-customer.


I took  my business to gearzap.com and their service is exemplary.

You should actually take some tips from them.

Ordered it after the lovely chat that we had

and they’ve sent the confirmation order within seconds

and then

the much-awaited “your order has been despatched” email within an hour or so.

And it’s a Friday! =p

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  1. Norina Terry

    Your experience is almost similar to my experience with OtterBox when I bought our gadgets covers from them. It took days before we received the covers. The difference was that they did not take the money yet and it was easier to get a hold of them online and on the phone. They also replace covers that wear out and get destroyed due to product imperfections for free. I got Alex a replacement cover for his phone for free even though they did not see the condition of the old one. The silicon loosened due to wear and heat.

    • At least it was easy for you to get in touch with them. These guys were like phantoms! And like I said, I order a lot of stuff online and this is the first time I ever came across such rotten service. Speaking of which, I just got the case I ordered from gear zap.com. Ordered it late afternoon and it came before 12 noon. Now that’s what I call service!

      I do acknowledge that errors in orders happen, what really annoyed me was that I had to chase them down and they wouldn’t even reply to my emails and phone calls. That’s really crap. See, I’m still cross.

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