I’m not a morning person

Anyone who knows me personally will attest to that little fact about me.  Of course, when I was working and still living among the rat-race, I did manage to wake up at the crack of the dawn, hoping to catch the first train without being squashed like a sardine.

My daughter like her dad is a morning person.

I wake up to a variation of:

1.  Wakey-wakey Mommy!  Complete with little slaps on the face.

2.  I want my breakfast Mommy!  (sometimes, she’ll say please).

3.  Take care of me Mommy!  (She’s only 2 and she already knows the guilt-trip)

This morning it was:

Number 2.  Then I teased her with a – Go get your own breakfast, sweetie.

T:  I can’t Mommy.

M: Why not?

T:  I’m too short! I can’t reach!

I burst out laughing and got up.

As you can see, she is indeed, ‘”short” and needs a chair to bake cookies.

But then again, I’m short and I’m not 2! Haha.

What about you?

Are you a morning person?


  1. craftereight

    I am definitely not a morning person! And motherhood has changed you, Inge!;)

  2. I actually am a morning person… unfortunately I’m less of a morning person now that I’m a Mom. But still, every night I start thinking about my morning cup of coffee while browsing my Kindle. Then morning comes and it is much more chaotic than I expected.

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