It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Well, at least at the Trelawney garden centre in Wadebridge down here in Cornwall.  I’ve also been reading a lot of blogposts about Christmas shopping and the appearances of Elves on shelves.  Sadly, in our little household, nothing Chrismassy has happened yet.

I knew it was going to be all about Christmas at Trelawney, that’s why I like going there.  I wanted to mooch around and just see what they have to offer this year.  I was really tough on myself though, and refused to pick up another Christmas ornament.  We have way too much already, especially for such a small house.  I’m wondering though how much this resolve will last.  Let’s see.

To our surprise, the Father Christmas in Trelawney was already accepting guests!  We took little T last year and her best friend F to see him.  We were expecting her to say no when we asked if she wanted to see him.  To our surprise she said yes, but after a little play at the playground.

And up she went …

Trelawney has a lovely play-area for kids.  They have a little train-station, a wooden train, a slide and other playground paraphernalia children love.

And down she went …

Hopped on a train and then it was time to meet her first Father Christmas of the year.

But first for the “sleigh ride” to the North Pole.

Little T seemed to enjoy this ride better than last year.  I have no idea whether she remembers the last time, she didn’t say anything at all.

And then she was funny, refused to go in, we actually had to force her!  She also answered his questions with “I don’t know.  What’s your name?  I don’t know.  How old are you?  I don’t know”.  She’ll be lucky to get a present from him!

But Father Christmas must have decided she was a good girl because she was told to choose a toy at the shop.  Guess what she chose?  Yep, those glittery pink Princess shoes which she wore from the car into the house.  And guess what, it broke.  Good thing my husband managed to glue it back together.  Yay for glue and dads who glue toys back together!

What about you?

Is it Christmas yet in your home?


  1. The Vanilla Housewife

    Maybe Santa was a bit scary! LOL I plan to put the tree up tomorrow depending on my mood hahahah!

  2. Ah lovely. We went to a garden centre this week too and enjoyed the start of feeling Christmassy although we didn’t go to see the Santa there. I love the play area – little T looks like she was enjoying herself there even if she wasn’t too fussed about seeing Santa.

    • I just love garden centres! Yes, this is her first Father Christmas visit for the year. We usually go to a couple of National Trust properties in our area. They’ve got really good Christmas events/Father Christmas etc..

  3. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    We are so late with Christmas in Philippine standard. We should’ve have started with the decors when September started =P

    No Christmassy stuff in the house as well. I need to dig for that Christmas box in the storage and I am so lazy. I will try my best tomorrow! #countrykids

    • I know! If we were both back home, we’d be so neck deep into Christmas stuff by now 😉 x

  4. naptimethoughts

    Christmas gets earlier and more obnoxious every year. I refuse to play hide the elf with anyone except my husband, just because I’ve begun my Christmas shopping does not mean I need to see santa everywhere, and, for the love of Pete, We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. Let me have my turkey before I have to start planning the next turkey.

    • I admit I do love Christmas even before I had little T and more so since I moved to England. I haven’t give in to the Elf on the Shelf … yet. T hasn’t discovered it, unless she pleads for it, it doesn’t really appeal to me. I find it a bit freaky 😉 … If we celebrated Thanksgiving, I’d probably feel that same and want to experience it first before going all Chrissmassy.

      • naptimethoughts

        Oooooh, that thing is creepy. And you have to hide it 25 TIMES.
        Before you consider adopting an elf, consider whether your home is large enough to accomodate an elf’s needs. AND EVERY TIME your child finds the creepy thing, even though you know perfectly well where it is, you’ll jump like it’s an effing jack in the box.

        • 25 bloody times?! Good god. No thanks, I’m sticking to our advent calendar. Thanks to you, I have the perfect excuse too – we live in a very small cottage 😉

          • naptimethoughts

            Good call. An elf needs enough room to be placed in a new spot every dan night till christmas, when you can finally smash his stupid face into a box for another year.

  5. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    Christmas hasn’t quite hit here yet but the feeling’s starting to grow. I love the play area at that park, it’s great how they’ve given it a theme. I love the sleigh ride to see Santa. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  6. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    We put Christmas up on Saturday! I actually go the tree out and fluffed and up on Friday while Mr T was at work, but yesterday before he went to work we decorated the house and tree together. And I’m so thankful that I decided to put it up early this year!

    Man, Little T and another trip to Father Christmas! She’s just so adorable!!

  7. Life in the Wylde West

    her answers make me giggle! And she looks so adorable and happy!

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