Left Behind

As mentioned on this post, T just suddenly decided that she didn’t want to go to playgroup anymore.  We’ve been slowly coaxing her the past two weeks and I’m glad to say that she seems to genuinely enjoy going to playgroup again.  In fact, last Wednesday, she whinged all the way back to our house, all because she didn’t want to leave the place.  All is good, except for one thing.  Playgroup is now empty.  All her friends have moved on to the next stage which in England they call playschool.

Last year, this room was filled with children and parents alike.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference, playgroup is for ages 0-2 and playschool is for 2-4.  Here in England, children start school at age 5, although some start at 4.  At playgroup parents accompany and watch over their kids while they play and at playschool, you leave your child behind, just like school.  All T’s contemporaries have moved on to play school, including her best friend F.  Although she still gets to see some of her old friends, especially F who comes and plays with her in our home and since we also happen to be friends with his parents, we occasionally go and have an outing with them.  So all is still good.

The plan is to just let her be comfortable with going to playgroup again.  She’s still a bit clingy.  Last Wednesday, she still wouldn’t go out to play on her own, she still wanted me around – near her while she played.  Once she’s ready to be left behind without mommy and daddy, she’ll rejoin her old friends at play school.  But we are not going to force it.  We will keep taking her to playgroup even if there are only two kids around, till she’s ready.  Until then, me or my husband will gladly play the third kid.

T making Easter nests with M, the L’s niece (L is one of the lovely carers in T’s playgroup).

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