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to the country mice…

I used to refer to us as the country mice, we still are, but I seldom call us that now.  Anyway, the country mice are planning a trip to the big city of London next week when we visit my lovely in-laws in Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes (about two hours by train to London).  The last time we were in the big city, I wrote about “A very suitable incident at the National Portrait Gallery” which happened to my little Sweetie.  Let’s hope nothing like that happens again.

If we do go, here are a few places I want to visit for this particular trip:

1.  Visit Foyles at Charing Cross (It was once included in the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Largest Bookshop in the world).  I love this particular store.  While its been modernised of course, the creaky wooden floors, the smell of books will transport you back in time to the day they first opened in 1906.  I think this is my most favourite bookshop in the world.  If you’re visiting London, this should definitely be in your list of places to visit, especially if you love books.  Warning:  When in Foyles, time rushes by – so don’t be surprised if once you step out, it’s actually evening already.  And one last thing, you won’t come out empty-handed, be prepared for some damages done to your credit/debit card.

Picture source here.

2.  Sylvia Plath’s house in Fitzroy road where she gassed herself.  The house also happens to be where the poet Yeats once lived in.  For those who know me, you will know I’ve always had some sort of “love-affair” going on with the American poet since I was a young girl.  And when you’ve read so much about a person and you almost dare to think that you know them and you want to get to know them more and by visiting places they’ve lived, you almost feel like you’re getting there.  I wrote about what it was like to visit her grave here.

Image source here.

4.  The house where our (Philippines) National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal stayed in during a visit to London sometime in 1888.  But it’s in Primrose Hill Camden, nowhere near the places T wants to visit, so maybe next time.

Picture Source here.

If you ask Tamsin what she wants to do in London, you’ll hear:

1.  See Big Ben again!  (the exclamation point is very important).

2.  Visit the Tower of London.  (I think this is more my husband’s idea. Haha)

Picture source here.

3.  McDonald’s!  That’s because the last time we went, she had her first experience of buying a “Happy Meal” and you all know what comes with a Happy Meal, right?  I know, we should have never introduced T to a Happy Meal, at least, not yet and no amount of explaining to her that McDonald’s is everywhere!  You mean, it’s junk?  No, that didn’t cross my mind =p  To be fair folks, we hardly eat any fast-food “junk” as some may call it, it’s always home-cooked meals for us thank you.

This isn’t set in stone.  When you have a toddler in tow, plans always change and with my luck, I probably won’t get to visit any of the places I’ve mentioned and go to all the places T wants to visit instead.

What about you, what’s your favourite place to visit in London, or if you haven’t been, what would you like to see?

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  1. I want to go to the Globe and watch a Shakespearean play. I love William Shakepseare. Maybe, I’d like to see Foyles, too. Like you, I love the smell of books. We have a half price bookstore here called Half Price bookstore in the Village (a section of Houston), and we love going there – for the books and the vintage wooden slatted floors on the 2nd floor, not to mention the “half price.” I’d like to see Sylvia Plath’s place as well. I like her work and I teach her work if I can, time permits.:)

    Furthermore, I’d like to see everything in London including the Big Ben, London Bridge, the London Tower (where people were historically imprisoned), and then go to other places outside of London where Doc Martin shoots on location, say for instance.

    My family and I would love to be able to visit for a longer period, so we can go to all places we would like to see and experience!:)

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