Manic Week

It’s been one week filled with countless activities.  While it’s nice to have little T home from school for a week, it’s also been a bit tiring at times.

I’m wondering why it’s been sort of exhausting, but now I know.  Before she started school, she was okay with doing a few fun-things every other day.  But since she’s started school, she’s used to doing something new every single day.

Before school, she’d be fine with painting pictures one afternoon, baking the next or walking the dog.  Now it’s “What do we do next mum?” even before an activity is over.

On Monday we started it with a  trip to Bodmin to get her new trainers.  We headed to her gymnastics club next, where we had booked her earlier on for extra trampolining lessons which she loved!  Plus, she and her friends earned their first ever badge!

On Tuesday, we painted pictures and put them up on the kitchen wall.  Then took Doc out for a walk and used a longer route.  Back at home, she wanted to help me with my chores, which was nice, except that doing the chores, suddenly felt longer!

We met up with her best friend F and his parents to watch Shaun the Sheep.  She really enjoyed it.  My husband said I laughed the loudest.

The next day, she had a play-date with her best-friend F over at our house.  I can’t believe it’s Friday today.  As I type this, we’re waiting for two of her female friends from school to arrive for another play-date.  Then later in the afternoon, we’re off to Bodmin again for her gym class.

It’s inset day on Monday, that means they’re going to spend another extra day at home before going back on Tuesday.  Phew.

 What was your half-term break like?


for those who don’t have children or have grown-up children,

what was your week like?


  1. thereadingresidence

    That does sound a busy week! I know what you mean, though, they are used to be occupied all day now. Fortunately, Boo’s been content playing with Little Man, so we’ve had a few lounging about days, too. Glad you’ve had a lovely time x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Lucky Boo has a sibling! So Instead I’ve been hosting play-dates in our house over the week. That keeps her busy 😉

  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    LOL! What a week! Now I know why your IG was full! I didn’t realized she was off all week, I just thought you were having crazy play-dates!!

    You can make it just a few more days! 🙂

    • Yep. While I do enjoy having her around, I’m running out of ideas to keep her busy and happy! Thank goodness for play-dates 😉

  3. Jayne @ SMABL

    They certainly keep you on your toes 🙂 Sounds like you had a nice week.
    Enjoy your weekend x #WotW

  4. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    I can so get this! Before school my son is happy with just doing things again and again. Now that he is in school, I have heard the ‘Mom I am bored’ not just once but a lot of times in a day! Now I am pressured to give him so many things to do =P #wotw

  5. Kim Carberry

    Wow! It does sound like you’ve had a busy week but it sounds like a lot of fun x

    • It certainly was a busy week! We’re just planning to have a relaxing weekend 🙂

  6. ourlittleescapades

    What a busy week! Ethan is still at nursery so he doesn’t get a half term but we will do our first ever summer holidays this year. I’m dreading it ;0)

    • I know what you mean, good thing we’re visiting my family abroad during the summer holiday. Otherwise, I might be dreading it too 😉

  7. Nicola - Multicraftingmummy

    We ve been enjoying half term as well but will be glad to get back to school routine next week and have a rest! It’s fun to have them home but i ve had a lot of “What’s next mummy?” and it is exhausting keeping up with them! #wotw

  8. Sounds like your half-term has been very busy but that you have managed to do a lot of lovely things with little T. Well done to her and her friends on getting their first gymnastic badges 🙂

  9. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    That does sound busy, and reminds me of the saying of going back to school/work for the rest! Well done on the badge too, many more to come no doubt! #wotw

  10. oddsocksandlollipops

    Sounds like a busy week! I had a week like this a couple of weeks ago, it was pure chaos but amazing at the same time!
    We have had a quiet week as all the activities seem to shut down over half term.

    • A quiet week sounds heavenly! We are trying to have a quiet weekend before school starts next week.

  11. Bloggermummylauren

    Sounds like a very busy and fun week. I know exactly what you mean, going to school raises a child’s expectations of activities. Because they do so much fun, exciting stuff at school everyday, simply sitting them in fornt of the tv on a day off just will not do anymore, haha! We have been sick all over the half term so have really missed out on any fun activities x

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