Our London 2012 Olympic Experience

So the London 2012 Olympics did happen, along with it came camaraderie among the crowd regardless of where you’re from and who you’re rooting for, triumphant stories and heartbreak too. As always, my fears were all blown-out-of-proportion, there were no long-held-up-cues, security didn’t even confiscate the apple juice I smuggled in my bag for my daughter. Had I known I would’ve brought more!  They said to expect it to be like airport security, but we weren’t even frisked, no taking off of shoes etc.  Going inside the Olympic park was a breeze!  Now if only I didn’t have to worry myself sick about unnecessary fears, but then again, I’m a mother, that’s what we do, right?

Here’s a brief update of how our day at the Olympic park went:

–    Arrived at the Olympic part around 8am.

–    Arrived at the hockey stadium and guess what?   We had purchased what they call – “phantom seats”, the seats were supposed to exist, but when they built the make-shift hockey stadium at the Olympic park, they somehow forgot to put certain seats and as luck may have it, the missing seats were ours!  But thankfully, the Olympic staff were so well-trained and after waiting and seating in empty seats that were still waiting for their rightful owners, they managed to find seats for us.

–    And then it RAINED, and RAINED.  The sun came out again, and then, this being England, it RAINED again.  We sat on the park, near the gigantic screen just to take in the Olympic ambiance in spite of the heavy downpour (we sat under our small umbrella, my daughter was safe and dry in her raincoat (thank heavens for that).  And then the sun came out in full-blast, I swear I actually felt a bit sunburnt!

Dark ominous grey clouds over the Olympic Veladrome.

At 4pm, we headed home, exhausted but glad we went and at least now we can say “Yes, we were there”.


  1. Coming Home Soon

    So glad you enjoyed your Olympics, wasnt it an amazing experience? We also went, for the whole 2 weeks and had no problems at all whilst there, everything ran so efficiently. What an amazing story you can share with your daughter as she grows up. (besides the getting sick with the cold part of course!)
    Looking forward to following your stories.

    Louise xo

    • Hi Louise! Thanks for dropping by=) Yes, we had a lovely time, thank you. The atmosphere was just wonderful, don’t you think? Absolutely loved the experience and yes, we’ve got loads of stories and photos of the Olympics to show our daughter when she’s older.

      All the best,

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