Quotable Quotes about Fatherhood straight from the mouths of Dads

Since it is Father’s Day, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite quotes about fatherhood from all the lovely fathers who have been featured in Chats with Dads.  These words are straight from the mouths of the best of the dad bloggers out there.  If you like reading blogs and haven’t discovered any of them, you better discover all of them now!

These dad bloggers are funny, witty, poignant and touching.  They all write with a heart.  All of them are a definite-read:

I love the moment I walk into the house after a trip away or a day at work.  My daughter will be the first to come running, arms pumping furiously, huge dimpled smile, curly hair bobbing. She will crash into my knees, sticking like a limpet to my legs and screaming with joy.

My little man will come crawling soon after, head down, hands slapping on the floor, little bottom waddling like a duck, big gummy grin, squealing with happiness, arms outstretched imploring for a hug.

I literally get bowled off my feet with a tide of pure, sticky joy.

It is at these moments that I’m reminded that fatherhood is the most important job in the world.

It is these moments that I want to last forever.

– June 2013 Chat with a Dad: The Secret Father.

 What do I wish I knew before becoming a dad? It’s a difficult question. If I knew all the problems I was too face in life, I might have decided, the time was never right to have any children at all. So for me, blind ignorance was best.

I have a great dad, so I tried to teach, nurture and discipline my children the same way he treat me. I didn’t always succeed.

– August 2013 Chat with a Dad: Pecora Nera

I love watching them grow, develop, and discover new things. The precious moments when they laugh uncontrollably at the strangest of things. When we’re playing on the floor and I’m lost in their weird and warped imaginations. And from a selfish point of view when they assume I know everything and then believe whatever gubbins I tell them.

November 2013 Chat with a Dad: Mark of the Adventures of Sonny & Luca

I love the unpredictability of having a child. Jackson makes me laugh all the time. I like watching him grow and seeing how much progress he seems to make so quickly. I like the fact that however hard it gets there is still unconditional love between the two of us. I suppose part of me enjoys the challenge of turning tantrums and bad behaviour into more positive outcomes too. I like to help him learn and I enjoy all of the lessons he teaches me without even knowing it, too.

 February 2014 Chat with a Dad: Ben of Life as a Widower

It’s awesome. You want more? Well I think it can probably be summed up in the feeling you get when you open the door in the evening having been at work all day and 2 crazy toddlers come running into the hall shouting DADDDY! I love being a dad, I love seeing them develop and learn things, I love their laughter and how you forget all your worries and stresses around them.

April 2014 Chat with a Dad: Ben of Mutterings of Fool

Having kids.
Having someone love you unconditionally.
Having someone whom I love unconditionally.
Having someone teach me more about myself every day.
Having someone who makes me want to be a better version of myself.

June 2014 Chat with a Dad: Ah Dad

And here’s one of my favourite photos of little T and her dad walking towards each other in the headland:

And lastly,

Happy Father’s Day to little T’s dad.  

She’s lucky to have the best Dad in the world! – as well as all the dads out there of course (especially to the dads who have been featured above)

 A special mention also goes out  to my own dad, whom I miss so much.

Have a lovely Father’s Day folks!


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