Rooting for Spring

There has been a battle going on between Winter and Spring the past couple of weeks or so.  Just when you think Spring has finally sprung, we feel Winter’s icy-cold-breath brush against our napes and we are reminded that it isn’t over yet.  Yesterday, according to a friend of ours it was actually snowing on the top of our little village.  And a few days ago, while doing the dishes, I noticed snowflakes floating around, but never enough for even a dusting to show.

So the conflict ensues between Winter and Spring, while I do like Winter because of Christmas and snow is beautiful, I think it’s about time it leaves for good and just wait for its turn again – And finally allow Spring to come out in all its glory.

Yesterday, it certainly felt like Spring has finally won the fight.  We didn’t want to waste the beautiful sunshine, so we headed for the beach and the little one had a lovely time with the waves and sand…


Isn’t it lovely?

Yes, it is beautiful where we live, especially in the spring time.

Now if only Winter would just accept defeat.

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