Tamsin’s Choice: The Adventures of Abney and Teal

My husband and my daughter love the Cbeebies program, Abney and Teal.  They like to watch it while sharing an apple, which they do every night at 6pm.  As soon as my daughter hears the first few notes of the opening song “Abney and Teal, how does it feel to live in a park on an island…” She calls for her Dad, “It’s apple time Dada!”

 The Characters:

Source:  Cbeebies 

The two main characters are Abney and Teal, two close friends who live in a little island in the middle of a lake in the city.

Teal obviously is a little girl and looks a lot like a rag doll.  She’s fun, adventurous and has her head up in the clouds most of the time.  She has a little makeshift bedroom up on Abney’s tree, consisting of an umbrella, a blanket and a mattress.

Abney on the other hand, is … not really sure what he is though.  He is blue and really looks more like an animal than a boy.  He lives in a small cottage under the tree where Teal lives.  He loves his home, loves to cook porridge and is more grounded than Teal.   My husband likes to say that I’m Teal and he is Abney.   Admittedly, I do have my head up in the clouds sometimes, but I don’t think I’m as adventurous as Teal though.

Neep – a very cute Turnip who follows Abney and Teal around, loves porridge and likes to finish Abney’s porridge.

Bop – just like Abney, I’m not really sure what kind of animal he is.  He is brown, fat, sometimes I think he is a Walrus… Anyway, he lives in the middle of the lake, likes to drink tea (is never without his teacup) and blows bubbles.  He can blow huge bubbles big enough to transport everyone around.  Most of their adventures begin and end with a bubble from Bop.

Toby dog – he doesn’t do anything except sit with his back against the tree and play the same tune again and again in his melodeon.

The Poc-pocs – they are 7 little shapes in varying sizes and just like Abney and Bop, I’m not really sure what they are … They like to follow everyone and make little poc-poc sounds, hence the name.

And all together, they like to find different adventures, from travelling up to the moon in a makeshift train and going back down with the help of Bop’s humongous bubble.  Occasionally, Neep’s relatives would make a guest appearance, most of the time though, it’s just them.

It’s a very charming whimsical program for kids and it’s not cartoons but they use 3D animation.  I love the story lines, really simple and imaginative.  Well done, Cbeebies!

Here’s the opening theme:

And click here to watch some episodes.  Tell me what you think!

All photos came from here.

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