The Big Four O

I’ll be turning the big 4 O tomorrow.  When I was 20, I thought 30 was old, 40?!  You’ve got to be kidding!  That was ancient to the 20-year-old me.  And then I turned 30, never thought of what it would be like to turn 40, I was too busy being miserable to even bother to think about turning the big four O.  You see, I hated my life and was bored with my job at 30.  And then I just let life happen and went with the flow and found myself working in Africa and met really good friends over there (even my future-husband!).  And two years after that, got married, got pregnant and now my daughter is 2 years-old and I’m turning 40.


The big question is:

If it does, then I guess it would be really nice to be able to finally do the following:

– Hopefully get pregnant before turning 41.  Then that’s it for me – a little baby boy would be really nice.

– Be able to write more short stories and maybe even a novel.  (Don’t we all?) and self-publish them.  If I don’t do it, who will?

– If I don’t get pregnant, lose a bit of weight.  But I heard once you turn 40, it becomes even more impossible to do that.

– Travel more but sadly, my wings are still clipped right now.

– Move back and live in a city.  I’ve realised long ago, that I sadly am not really a country-girl.  I’ve given up the pretence now and have finally come out of the closet – I am a city person.

– Jog or even do brisk walking which I used to do when I was single.

– Learn how to use the sewing machine I got ages ago.

– Speak fluent Spanish.

– Learn a craft, pottery perhaps?

– Drive in the UK.  Oh but wait, first I have to learn how to drive on the left side and then hopefully pass the two tests to get a UK license.

Yes, I really am a boring person.  At the moment, I don’t really have big hopes and aspirations.  I’ll let you know if I suddenly turn ambitious.  Ambitious at 40? Then again, why not?

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. An Urban Mystic

    Happy Birthday and congratulations on turning 40. The best is yet to come! 🙂

  2. Pecora Nera

    40!!! You are a mere whipper snapper. I am ‘cough cough’ 51, life begins at 51, I hope to learn a few more Italian phrases and maybe get my book published soooon.

    Age, as you said is relative. My dad is 83 and I am a whipper snapper to him.

    Go and give someone a hug. 🙂

    • Hahaha. Thanks for the kind words! =) Will go and give the husband and daughter a hug now =) All the best! Btw, looking forward to reading that book of yours.

  3. Happy birthday Dean! Life begins at *insert current age here*. Wishing you lots of travel, jobs, joy, and a baby boy! I hope we meet one day. Bises!

    • Thanks Tim. Looking forward to visiting you this May. Hope the weather cooperates though =)

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