The latest funny things T says:

As she drops something on the floor, she says:  Goodness sake!

Take my top off mommy, it’s killing me!

Inspecting her toy Jessie (character from Toy Story 2 & 3) she observes:  Jessie has boobies!

Her dad makes her a duplo spaceship:  It’s enormous Dada!  Thank you! (It was actually small).

She says “We need to do a mission-dission to rescue Big Ears!” with one arm raised as if she’s about to fly.  Note:  Mission-dission is a combination of of course the word mission and expedition.

I’m not frowning!  I’m happy! She was actually really frowning, when I pointed this out – she repeated what she said this time with a fake smile.


What are the funny things your little one says?  Do share.

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