The Sweetest Thing

You’ve got to go home, Mom” she says to me as she holds my face in her little hands. “You miss your Mom” she pauses as if collecting her thoughts and adds, “You’ve got to cuddle your Mom” and then she lets go of my face and cuddles me really tight as if showing me how to do it right.

Little Pitchers have Big Ears

I was talking to my mother through Skype a few days ago and she told me some upsetting news about a close relative.  I told my husband about what happened.  The news really got me down and I was suddenly engulfed with an overwhelming feeling of homesickness.  My daughter must have heard our conversation – hence, the you-must-go-home spiel.

T amazes me everyday. There is always something new, a new word, a new expression, or a new gesture to discover.  They are like precious little gifts she bestows on us abundantly – when she does this, my love for her inflates and whatever negative emotion I’m feeling turns vaporous and disappears into thin air.

On other news, spring is here!  We’ve been having the most glorious sunshiny days lately.  Too bad we can’t enjoy them though.  The little one has had an on and off slight temperature since Saturday.  One of the advantage of living in this part of England is that Spring always comes early.  That means the daffodils are out early too.  Isn’t that great?

Is it Spring time on your side of the world too?

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