Top 12 Quotable Quotes on Parenthood

I love this list of quotes from all who were featured last year, 2014 with Chat’s with Mums and Dads.  Sometimes I wonder whether it’s the year to stop doing it, but I change my mind as soon as I read some of the words written here.  I love hearing stories from parents, even if sometimes, the stories are the same.  Often, the words are lovely and wise and leaves me with goosebumps, sometimes with tears.  Read for yourself:

“I love seeing things through the innocence of a child’s eyes. (You can tell all our kids are still young, can’t you?) We so easily become jaded and cynical as adults, but to children something as simple as a bus ride is a magical experience, and to them everything is possible. Being there to guide them through this amazing world of ours is a privilege”

December: Tim of Slouching Towards Thatcham

“That those little people (kind of big now) need me. They really do. Even my 19-year-old man-child will come to me when he is sick, when he is sad or when he just needs a hug. It feels so good to be needed”

– November: Tracie of Life in the Whylde West

“Don’t get too hung up over “rules” and “right ways” of parenting – it merely contributes to anxiety on both the kids and yourself. Just set broad parameters for acceptable behaviour, then it is all about setting examples by your actions. This is because children, well at least mine anyway, rarely hear but often do what they see”

– October: JD of Jogging Dad

“That it’s not like in the movies. They don’t sit still during dinner. But that’s all right. Don’t sweat the small stuff”

 – September: Jhanis of The Vanilla Housewife

“The small things like coming home and seeing their excited faces at the window and getting smothered with cuddles as I walk in the door everyday. This is something Mummy doesn’t get because she is always around”

– August: James of Daddy Space

“I was told to lead by example. This is a tough job especially when you’re fed up to the back teeth with the kids. If you end up shouting, then of course your child will learn to shout back. If you hit them (which I don’t do by the way) they will learn that too. It’s hard, but we’re all human, and I’ve yelled at Lily plenty of times, then told her not to yell at me! Note to self: lead by example!”

– July: Josanne of My Kids Rules

“But being away from them, and feeling that gigantic hole in my heart as I sit on a plane, that is the one thing crappy thing about being a dad. You know those moments when you realise part of your essence is missing”

– June: Pieter of Ah Dad

“Where is my magic wand? I hate the days where it feels like I’ve failed because I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do or because I can’t fix it. I want the magic wand that gives me the answers and cures all that is wrong! Sometimes it was when he was sick, and sometimes it is because of something he is going through, I just want to make it all better!”

– May: Kate of Did that just happen blog?

“It’s awesome. You want more? Well I think it can probably be summed up in the feeling you get when you open the door in the evening having been at work all day and 2 crazy toddlers come running into the hall shouting DADDDY! I love being a dad, I love seeing them develop and learn things, I love their laughter and how you forget all your worries and stresses around them”

– April: Ben of Mutterings of a fool

“Pick your battles.  I have control-freak tendencies which if I don’t keep in check, could send our home life into a frenzy! That’s why choosing which battles to pick and being purposeful about this, is something that I try to do on a daily basis.  Does it really matter if their bedroom is a tip during the week?  No, they can tidy it at the weekend and I will count to 10 on entering Monday-Friday!”

– March: Suzanne of 3 Children and It

“I love the unpredictability of having a child. Jackson makes me laugh all the time. I like watching him grow and seeing how much progress he seems to make so quickly. I like the fact that however hard it gets there is still unconditional love between the two of us. I suppose part of me enjoys the challenge of turning tantrums and bad behaviour into more positive outcomes too. I like to help him learn and I enjoy all of the lessons he teaches me without even knowing it, too”

– February: Ben of Life as a Widower

“I wish I could tell myself to enjoy the early days and cuddles without worrying, they go so quickly! When I see people with tiny babies sleeping on their chests I feel sad that I ever thought it was more important to get them to nap in a basket”

– January: Katie of Hurrah for Gin

If you haven’t heard or read any of the bloggers featured on this list, then you are missing so much!  Do check them out and their interviews.  They’ll make you laugh and cry, some may even do both and f you wish to be featured too, please get in touch with me ([email protected]).  I normally feature bloggers whom I really admire, read and follow, but would so love to discover new ones too!

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Don’t give up this feature! I love it! And I love the recap, reading those quotes from the past year!
    And, I still want my magic wand!!

  2. Thank you! I haven’t lined up this year’s chats… would you be interested? 🙂 I’ll pop into your blog now and see if you have an email address!

  3. Thank you for including my very eloquent words! LMAO 😀 Appreciate the shout out!

  4. Love these quotes – always good to be reminding about picking your battles and leading by example – I find myself shouting and then telling Jessica not to shout back! And seeing things through the innocence of a child’s eyes is wonderful. Would it be nice to have a magic wand though sometimes? 🙂

    • I have to constantly remind myself about picking my battles, sometimes we’re just too stressed out ourselves or just plain tired to even remember! 🙂

  5. livinginthelanghe

    I love these quotes, found myself nodding along to pretty much every one of them!

    • We (as parents) are actually so much wiser than we give ourselves credit for – don’t you think? 😉

      • livinginthelanghe

        I guess so… it’s actually amazed me how quickly we can pick stuff up as well. I was clueless when Bee was born but you just kind of work it out as you go and suddenly realise you’re doing ok, despite continuing to feel relatively clueless!

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