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I’m crap with sewing and craft-making.  Last year, I bought myself a sewing machine hoping that I would learn how to use it to make my own cushion covers.  Sadly, it’s collecting dust in our airing cupboard.  I think I’ve sort of accepted the fact that I’m not just  sewer nor am I a crafter.  That’s why I am in awe with people who are great at sewing and craft-making.

I think they are the greatest!  It’s also not surprising that they also happen to be women and mothers who blog!  So I’ve decided to share my top five mom’s who blog list.    Two of them are the most amazing sewers and crafters (at least they are to me).

1.  Delia Creates

This woman is amazing.  She can sew anything from her baby’s cardigan to her baby’s shoes.  Did I mention that she’s also a great cook and shares the most delicious recipes?  Her Lemon Strawberry Crepe Cake is an absolute must-try recipe.  Click here to see.  If you llike to sew, you should visit her blog and view her tutorials and projects section.  I only like to look and gush over her projects.  She also has the most adorable little girl.

2.  I am Momma Hear me Roar

Cheri, the talented woman behind the blog I am Momma Hear me Roar is also an amazing crafter.  She doesn’t only share her crafts but also her ideas about blogging and fun projects you can do with your children.

3.  Key to Pictures

Katie Evans is a great photographer, especially of children.  I love the way she photographs her kids too.  Visiting her blog and reading her tutorials and seeing her photos is always a pleasure.

4.  Seventy Tree

I absolutely love Kerry Layton’s illustrations and would so love to purchase a few to put on Tamsin’s wall.  She also likes to share her finds on her blog on Seventy Tree, not just illustrations, but just about anything.  It’s a real treat to see the stuff she shares on her blog.

5.  N de Nikita

The last blog isn’t about crafting, sewing or photography.  It’s a blog about a single mother and her daughter.  I found Laura’s blog after she started following my other blog.  Anyway, N de Nikita reads like a love-letter to her beautiful daughter.  It’s actually written in Spanish, you might need the help of google to translate the words.  She also happens to take lovely photographs, if not for her words, her photos are also worth a visit.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t only follow women bloggers, I follow male bloggers as well and believe me, I follow a lot of blogs both here at WordPress and blogger.  And one of my favourite, is an Irish man who happens to be a taxi-driver.  He is the most amazing story-teller. I’ll share him with you guys some other time.

What about you?  Do you have a list of your own?  Do share.

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