Top Three Things to do in London

preferably without a little person in tow.

Before little T was born, my husband and I used to visit the capital to watch musicals, plays, visit museums/galleries, restaurants or just mooch around the city of London without really any difficulty at all, remember those days?

If we saw a restaurant or pub that seemed interesting, we would just stroll into it without even thinking – Are kids allowed in there?   The last time we were in London, we took refuge in a pub when the little darling was getting a little bit whingy, not knowing that it was a no-kids-allowed-zone.  We only found out when my husband went to the bar to order a couple of pints and a glass of squash.  Thankfully the bartender didn’t show us the door and no one gave us an uncomfortable stare, though we did finish our drinks as fast as we could.

My husband and I were talking about city breaks the other day, and I thought perhaps it would be better to go in the summer, so I’ve thought about a few things I’d like to do but then realised that the list I made wasn’t exactly child-friendly, though of course you could still do it and just risk annoying other people, especially if you’re an expert on wearing a deadpan face, which I’m not.

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1.  Regent’s Park Open Theatre.

Have you ever watched a Shakespeare play at the Regent’s Park Open Theatre?  I haven’t and I would love to do this someday.  Perhaps, when little T is old enough to appreciate Shakespeare, or when she’s ready to be left with a babysitter.

 This is one of those, why didn’t we think of doing that before she was born?  The again, it’s not that easy for us to do when you live down in Cornwall, unless we’re visiting the in-laws up in Beds.

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2.  Somerset House

How about – have you ever watched a movie in the outdoor cinema in the Somerset House, perfect for those long-summer evenings? This may actually be doable, especially if it’s a family oriented film. Ooh!  I wonder if there’s anything good scheduled for the summer?

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3.  English Opera House

Last on the this very short list is to watch opera at the English Opera House in London.  Perhaps, even dress like a “grown-up”? How do you do that?

I hear Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte ENO production is on sometime in May.  The plot sounds intriguing: Two young men tests the virtues of their fiancées by trying to seduce each others betrothed.  I wonder if Little T will find that interesting?  She would be if the two-young men would be dressed in very pink fairy costumes!

I’m not really a big fan of the opera, but I’ve always wanted to experience watching at least one. Imagine watching though with a little kid in tow – Mummy, why is she singing like that?  And as the orchestra reaches its crescendo, you’ll see a little person covering her ears, squinting her eyes and screaming  – It’s too loud mummy! or I can’t see them Mummy!  We are too far away!  I promise you though, she’ll look really cute doing it!

At that point, I can either –

a)  Pretend she isn’t mine.

b)  Totally ignore her along with the stares.

c) Glare at anyone who gives-us-the-what-on-earth-were-you-thinking-bringing-a-three-year-old-to-watch-opera look.

Have you ever been caught in a situation like this?

If yes, how did you manage?

Do share.

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  1. Maddie Sinclair

    I would love to go to the open air theatre in Regent’s Park. But yes, probably a few more years from now when the kids are a bit older. Loving your typeface BTW – I love a bit of Garamond! Maddie from Gammon & Chips #PoCoLo

    • Yes, in a few years time we’ll be able to do all that! 🙂 Well, maybe except for the Opera. Thank you! 🙂

  2. @katgrant30

    Love the royal opera house, and have been meaning to try the open-air theatre for a while now… Nice to think of things to do WITHOUT little ones in tow! (I recently wrote about things to do WITH them…

  3. The Coffee Table Years

    Summer is a totally different proposition in London when you have kids. I personally like taking them to the museums when I have a chance because they are all free. The Science Museum is great for rainy days, or even the British Museum. The Natural History Museum has a fantastic garden with very fun fountains when it’s warm. The kids love it.

    • Thanks! Yes, we’ve done that too and also took her to the National Portrait Gallery (which I love!). I’m really looking forward to visiting London in the summer. You guys are so lucky to live there… I guess the grass is always greener 🙂

  4. Kim Carberry

    I would love to visit London one day…..With or without the kids…lol

    • Can’t wait for summer! Oh wait, can’t do all that yet, especially the opera! 😉

  5. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    I would LOVE to go to all of these places – especially the Royal Opera House. One I will get there! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  6. krissottoh

    I’d love to go to the Regent’s Park Theatre and see a film at Somerset House. Makes me miss London so badly! I’ve had lots of magical evenings at the Royal Opera House – it’s really worth going but adults only.

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