Waiting for Snow

Pretty much the whole of England is covered in snow.  Well, except here in Cornwall.  Last night though, apparently Land’s End located at the tip of Cornwall was snow-laden yesterday, reported our local BBC channel.

It feels like everyone is having a party and we are not invited.

Of course, we all know snow is treacherous and it comes with disruption, accidents and even death.  But for children, to them it’s magical and F-U-N.  ELC sent me an email alert the other day to inform me that their sledges are £5.  I wanted to email back and say –Sure, I’ll order one but send us some snow first!

I want Tamsin to have her first snow experience.

See?  No snow, not on a single branch…

Wherever you are, if it’s snowing, do send us some down here in North Cornwall.   You will make a two-year-old very happy.

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