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C (F’s mom, T’s best-friend) and I were watching T and F running away from the waves, one lovely-very-Springlike-day a few weeks ago.  I don’t remember how exactly the conversation went, but I mentioned that I’ve never once tried swimming in the beaches here, because it’s always too cold, even in the summer, the water feels icy!  She said she’s never done it either, surprised, I turned to her and said “But you’re Swedish!”

Her British husband heard our conversation and also said the exact words and added “You guys make a hole in the ice and jump right in it!”  C rolled her eyes at her husband and said “Only the crazy ones do that!”

I also told her about how my husband has been trying to convince me to wear a winter-suit in the waters even during the summer and my reluctance to wear it, only because I was worried that it would be obvious to some that I was wearing a winter suit in the summer.  C didn’t think it would look obvious.  She added that she was also thinking of buying a body suit especially once F is old enough to body surf.  I had to bite my tongue from repeating “You’re Swedish!  Surely you won’t feel the cold!” I’ve seen loads of people wear bikinis and swim suits in the summer, surely being Swedish means she was used to the cold?

Which also reminds me of another conversation I had with another mom. As always we started talking about the weather, about how it’s been really cold lately.  I mentioned that this week would be better.  L (the other mom) said to me, “Does that mean it will be warmer?”.  I said no, but lots of sun the whole week!  What I really wanted to say though was – “Cold?  But you’re from Canada! Winter is even harsher there than in England!”

Then again, just because one is from Sweden, Canada, Antarctica, or other cold places in the world doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t feel it when it’s cold.  That’s just like saying, since I’m Filipino, I probably don’t feel the heat when the weather is really warm.  Just like the Brits who love to moan about the weather, we Filipinos love to whinge about the heat.

Photo taken today at T’s play-group:  The weather was perfect for a late Easter egg hunt.

So yes, we’ve been having really good weather the past few days.  Apart from the icy breeze, it actually really looks like Spring!  Although technically, the British summer time has begun.  That means the sun is still out during the early evenings.  But whatever happened to spring?  Did we skip it, or perhaps, the few spring-like days we had early on was spring and that was it?  The British weather is indeed mind-blogging, to me at least, it is.

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  1. Pecora Nera

    Mrs Sensible asked, If we were to move back to the UK, could she live by the sea so that she could swim everyday.

    After I had stopped choking on my cappuccino, I reminded her of the time we went to visit the English seaside, admittedly it was Blackpool. “It that it?” she asked, “why isn’t the sea blue? It looks dirty”

    So hopefully we will move near the sea. In Sicily

    • Has she swam in the sea here? Tell her the water is too cold!… I would love to move to Italy! Now if only I could convince the husband =) Come to think of it, my husband is Mr. Sensible, no wait, he is Mr. Too-Sensible, so that makes me Mrs. Not-Sensible or Mrs. Has-her-head-in-the-clouds.

      • Pecora Nera

        I think she got out of the car, but I don’t think she walked on the beach 🙂

        There are too many sensible people spoiling our fun. Mrs Sensible agreed to moving to Italy, because she secretly thought I would get tired and frustrated with Italy, I would get it out my system and then move back to the UK.
        HA ha ha ha ha ha Wrong.

        • Don’t blame you, especially when the weather is like this all the time… But then again, you did mention that it’s also raining in sunny Italy right now.

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