A Little Girl's Love Affair with Boots: Top 3 Boots for Winter

My daughter loves shoes, boots, ballet flats, trainers, you name it, she’ll probably love it, especially boots.

One reason why I love autumn is because you have every reason to wear all kinds of boots, from ankle ones to knee-high boots.  And I’m afraid, little T will agree with me on this one.  Then again, if she had her way, she’ll wear boots all through out the year, regardless of the weather or seasons.  Here’s a brief history of how little T’s affair with boots began.

Her first ever boots were original cowboy boots sent to T by a cousin who lives in Texas.  So yes, I blame that cousin of mine for little T’s obsession with boots now.  You know who yo are 😉  

Here she is, wearing her heehaw boots on her second-birthday.

She absolutely loved them and would wear them everywhere.  To play-group, play-dates, even in the playground.  Of course everyone commented about them.  After all, you don’t see a little girl here in the UK wear original cowboy boots everyday 😉

After awhile, little T sadly outgrew her cowboy boots and reluctantly allowed us to keep it in a box up in the attic, we got her instead boots from Clarks.  Yes, I know a bit boring after her cowboy ones.

Boots from Clarks, that’s such a British thing isn’t it?

Why do kids’ feet grow so fast?  I’m not sure where these very used boots went, probably in the bin since they were too over-used to donate (that’s where most of little T’s stuff go to).  Then I thought it was time for my own daughter to have her 1st ever pair of Doc Martens.  A favourite brand of mind, well not just mine, but my family back home.  Her first pair was the same colour of my last pair of DMs:  cherry red.

I love them.  My old pair still fits me!

And then before we knew it, even this was too small for her.

So we got her a second pair and now that second pair will soon need a replacement.  And she’s been nagging us for some new boots soon.  And if you live in the country like we do, we always start by looking on-line.  And here are her choices:

Little T’s Top 3 Picks:  Boots for Winter

 Doc Martens.

This is actually from their boys section, since we didn’t see anything we wanted on the girls section.


Love the pink sole and pink laces.

However, in spite the pink, this appears to be little T’s fave:

Clarks Girls Knee-high boots.

Sometimes I wonder whether instead of having a five-year-old, I have a thirteen-year-old in the house.  If I had my way, I’d go for the DMs again or even the Camper ones, since they are so cute.    But we always leave the decisions with T, as long as they are appropriate of course.

What do you think of little T’s choices?

Which should she choose?

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  1. snoozing on the sofa

    The cowboy boots are awesome. Maybe time for a new pair. Do the relatives in Texas realize Christmas is coming?

  2. Life in the Wylde West

    I only wish I looked as cool and awesome as T. I have always loved her style!! xo

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