Clay Crazy with Peppa Pig's Clay Buddies

As a mother of an over-excitable three year-old, I am constantly on the look out for toys/activities that would make a meal in a restaurant somehow more agreeable and peaceful.  Obviously not while we are having our meal, but the crucial bit is when waiting for the meal to be served and after the said meal has been consumed.

She tends to be either (though of course it also depends on whether she’s tired or not)

a.)  Whingy

b.) Irritable

c.)  Hyper, walking/running around.

d.)  If it’s your unlucky day, all of the above.

I don’t know about you, though I have a feeling that if you do have a young child like my little T, when going out, chances are you probably pack your bag with the following items too:

  • A colouring book/sketch pad.
  • Crayons/felt-tip pens.
  • Book(s)
  • Favourite toys
  • Tablet or any other gadget that will at least bid you a bit of peace and quiet, especially the other diners.

To celebrate Peppa Pig’s 10th Anniversary Giromax has come out with Mini Clay Buddies the little ones can have fun playing with and collecting the different characters of the much-loved cartoon Peppa Pig.

These clay buddies are perfect and small enough to take them with you when out for a meal and more importantly, they will keep the little ones occupied and the parents stress free when out in public.

They come in small packs with clay, cardboard cut-outs of the characters face, hands, feet and tails:

Perfect for those little hands.

She absolutely enjoyed every minute of it and was so still and quiet!

Imagine if you’re in a restaurant, quietly waiting for your meal among other diners and your little one starts with the whinges, all you need to do is whip-out your mini clay buddies and they’ll happily sit down and create their favourite Peppa Pig characters.

I was hoping to save some for when we go out but she ended up doing all four of them!  She was actually asking for more, good thing the parcel came with some kiddie magazines too.  She happily settled down and quietly looked at the pages and put the respective stickers on the right page.

So if you’re the type who has regular meals out with your little ones, the clay buddies will be a great additional to your never-ending-list of things-to-bring-when-out-for-a-meal and this will hopefully ensure that you will manage to enjoy your meal sans a melt-down.

What do you do when your little one starts becoming difficult when out in a resetaurant?  Do share your tips!

This is a sponsored post, however, all photos and opinions are by Yours Truly.

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  1. naptimethoughts

    ACK! Peppa Pig! Don’t get me wrong, It’s a great show, my kids LOVE it, and it’s a really nice message… But it totally creeps me out. I think it’s the snouts and the snorts. Especially Grandpa Dog. How did this happen?

    • Hahaha. No worries. Don’t really find them creepy, but I can imagine how others might 😉

  2. The Vanilla Housewife

    My daughter would enjoy that! But lately we took her play-doughs away because we caught her trying to insert a small piece into her ears when we weren’t looking! Tsk!

    • Oh no, I don’t know what’s worse – putting it up her nose or ears?! 😉

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    That looks so cool! I love all of the neat things they’ve come out with since mine was little!

  4. krissottoh

    My kids were huge fans of Peppa Pig and would have loved making the Peppa Pig characters. Even more fun in clay! I still have to pack bags of goodies for them when we go out to restaurants including sticker books for my daughter and cars for my son. Little T looks gorgeous in that middle photo.

    • Oh yes, sticker books and kiddie magazines are also a big help when eating out with the small ones. Thanks! 🙂

  5. My Mum always used to bring pens and paper and I used to to aqua doodles and mini tubs of play dough – I love these Peppa Pig models 🙂 These days Grace seems to be happy with my iPhone! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  6. MontgomeryFest

    I’m taking notes over here! 😉 T did such a great job of making those little characters!

    • Hahaha. That’s great! 🙂 In the mean time, enjoy your life together sans a little one 😉

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