Dream Kitchen

This year, my husband and I are hoping to be able to embark on a kitchen renovation.

I’m aiming for the Scandi-look:

All photos taken from House to Home.  Click here for more.

Don’t you just love it?

I think I have to keep dreaming for now since we have other more important renovations going-on, we are having a custom-made huge sliding-door wardrobe made in our bedroom that’s costing us a lot of money. Then we want to have a “proper” home-office for the husband who has taken over my bureau which I want back, plus a whole load of shelves for our books which we seem to accumulate at a very fast speed and of course, our daughter’s needs are our number one priority.

For now I shall keep saving pictures of lovely kitchens and hopefully, soon, one of them will be mine =)

What’s your dream kitchen like?

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