Meeting Father Christmas

The weather on Christmas week was really bad (it still is as of writing).  For awhile, I thought that we wouldn’t have the chance to take Tamsin to see Father Christmas, which would be a shame really, especially since we prepared her early on as I’ve said in this post and this one too.  But on the 23rd, the weather looked good enough to be able to sneak a quick trip to Landhydrock to see Father Christmas.  So we did just that and my daughter did get to meet him – Father Christmas.

And I’m proud to report that she didn’t cry and nothing else happened.  She was shy though and I had to repeat her answers to Father Christmas oh and he was nothing like Raymond Brigg’s famous character (meaning, he wasn’t grumpy at all and didn’t once utter the word “blimming”.

Oh and we also got to listen to some Christmas carols in the Landhydrock chapel before heading home.  The next day, it rained and rained and rained.

What was the weather like on Christmas day on your side of the world?

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