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This blog-post has been sitting on my draft list for ages and since today is World Book Day, I decided to sit down and finally get it done.


I love linkys, whoever invented them is a genius!  If you’re a blogger, linkys help you discover other blogs and also helps you reach out to a wider audience.  And a linky about books?  My kind of thing!  As mentioned already, reading and love for books is also the glue that sticks me and my husband together (among other things of course).  Our house is over-flowing with books, we’ve actually ran out of shelves and that’s another reason why we decided it was time to move.  We need more wall space for more bookshelves.  Yay, the idea of more space for bookshelves makes me giddy!

Anyway, imagine my excitement when I saw this linky on the Reading Residence Blog.  I quickly left a comment and promised to link-up.  So here it is – finally!

What were your favourite reads from your childhood?

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, The Narnia Chronicles by C.S Lewis and also A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

There are always those books that defined your teen reads and stay with you – what were yours?

Mine would be Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar and probably all of JD Salinger’s books about the Glass Family.  I know, a bit depressing really.

Who are your favourite authors currently?

Oh loads!  As usual when put on the spot, names fail me, at the top of my head though I can say I love Julian Barnes, James Hamilton-Paterson, and Jeanette Winterson (an old love).

Which 3 genres do you gravitate towards most often?

My husband will probably say that I like books about introspection or as he calls it “navel grazing” or the more depressing, the more merrier for Dean kind of books.

I love fiction and biographies/autobiographies of writers.

Can you choose your top titles from each of those genres?

When it comes to fiction, it’s difficult to choose a favourite.  As for autobiographies, a recent favourite of mine is Jeanette Winterson’s “Why be happy when you could be normal?”  If you like reading her, this is a must!  It is funny, witty and yes, there are sad bits.

Oh and also enjoyed reading Giles Tremlett’s biography of Catherine of Aragon.  Compared to other historical biographies, this one is an easy read and doesn’t depict the tragic queen as some helpless woman who did nothing but pray.  She was smart and cunning too.

And your least favourite genres?

Ghost stories/horror.  I have an active imagination you see and I usually get up more than a couple of times in the night to check on little T and if I read or watch anything to do with ghosts, I’ll be too scared to get up!  And that will mean, waking up the husband to go to the bathroom and he won’t like that one bit.

Of the many, many fictional and fantastical worlds, where would you most like to visit?

Hobbit land – middle Earth! I’m really short and I bet their houses will be perfect for me! 🙂

Everyone loves a villain, right?! Who would make your favourites list?

Dracula.  I find everything about him romantic and of course mysterious and sinister.

Share the books that have had you sobbing?

Most of Marilyn French’s novels had me sobbing and angry at the same time.  Her novels are mostly about women’s issues and dysfunctional relationships with their families etc.

And let’s end on a high! Which books leave a smile on your face, and maybe elicit a few laughs?!

This is embarrassing to admit, but I rarely read any books that leave a smile on my face (yes, the husband is right) however, you might be surprised to hear that at the moment I’m reading Miranda Hart’s book “Is it Just Me”?  I think I’ve mentioned in this blog that she is my guilty pleasure and that she is also my remedy for S.A.D.  She makes me laugh out loud.  The book is witty and funny, although admittedly there are times when it just sort of falls flat.  It’s still best to watch her than read her.  In spite of being a bit disappointed with the book, I am still a big fan.  I still Hart you Miranda, but really, I think you should stick to TV or stand-up comedy 🙂

Do you love books?

What’s the most recent book you’ve read and loved?

Do share.


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Wow, what an insight into your mind! 🙂 Happy World Book day!

    • Happy World Book day too! Yep, I’m a scardy cat who loves sad and depressing books! Hahaha 😉

  2. thereadingresidence

    I always tend towards cheerier books or horrors, so we’re a bit different there! I do love Dracula, though, and the reason for you wanting to visit Middle Earth made me laugh! Thanks for joining in with #MyFictionalWorld x

    • Isn’t Dracula one of the most romantic figures in the horror/ghost stories genre? 🙂 My pleasure, sorry it took me ages to link-up 🙂

  3. The Coffee Table Years

    I m loving Life After Life with Kate Atkinson at the moment. It’s not only imaginatively written, but it also has a brilliant protagonist, is historically well researched and generally unputdownable. I recommend highly.

    • Ooh that’s my latest purchase. I normally stay away from over-hyped books, just until it’s hushed down a bit – couldn’t resist this one though. I was hooked when I read the first page but I’m still finishing another book so Life will just have to wait. Excited now that you’ve mentioned it 🙂 Thanks!

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