My Vac and I

My three-year-old and I have one thing in common, we both hate the husband’s old vacuum cleaner which he bought when he was single and living on his own.  It’s huge and terribly noisy.  When asked why he got it, he replied “Because it’s big, powerful and cleans floors.  Then adds, ‘it was on sale!”  Of course, that is so my husband.

I hate it, not because it’s noisy, but because it’s so heavy!  I can manage it of course, but it weighs a ton to carry up the stairs and my daughter goes berserk every time she hears it, I have to vacuum when she’s out.  Another mother I know also said that her twins is the same and that they also hate the sound of the hand dryer in public toilets.  I’m glad I’m not alone.

So when our sweeper broke, the husband was thinking of getting a replacement one, one that cost more, not that our old sweeper was cheap either.  I asked what the budget was, he said £100.  So I went on a mission, I thought if he’s going to spend that much for a sweeper, surely we could find a vacuum that doesn’t weigh a ton and maybe cost not more than the allocated budget?  Lucky for me, it was sale season and I found one for half the price!  Woopie-bloody-doo-dah.

I’m a happy woman.  I’m so in love with my vac.  The good news is, my daughter loves it too!  It’s not as noisy as the old one and probably weighs half of monster too!  (That’s what I called his old vac).  My daughter now likes to say “C’mon Mum, let’s vacuum now … together”  And so we do …

Meet my new vac and T’s little one: mother and daughter team.

Instead of hiding from it and cowering in fear, she looks forward to her mummy vacuuming, so much that she actually drops little bits of paper and food and exclaims “Time to hoover now Mummy!”

And there’s little T, resting after doing her chores with her mum.

Do you have a little one?  Do they also hate the sound of a noisy vacuum cleaner?

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  1. The Coffee Table Years

    The kids don’t care about the noise, except when it interrupts their TV watching. The cat, on the other hand, absolutely hates the vacuum.

  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    LOL. As soon as Shorty sees me get the vacuum out he watches warily, and the moment I get close to his chair, he is out the doggie door with astonishing speed! Fortunately, T never had as issue with the vacuum!

    • That’s funny! 🙂 Yes, I’m just so happy now I can vacuum anytime I want. It used to stress me out, because she would really go nuts every time she’d hear us mention the word “vacuum”.

  3. Life in the Wylde West

    A great vacuum makes all the difference! My mom gifted us a dyson and this new vacuum you got sort of looks like the same idea. I LOVE it, it’s one of my top all time favorite gifts ever. I love how now it’s a love relationship rather than a hate. So great and the pictures of little T.. .THE BEST.

    • Oh yes, would love to have a Dyson too! But it’s a bit way off our budget now 🙂 At the moment, I’m happy with my vac 🙂

  4. hurrahforgin

    Both mine love the hoover! They love me trying to suction them with it. F is terrified of hand dryers though!

    • That’s cute – the wanting to suction them bit. T is fine with the hand dryers, but hates the sound of our old vac. It terrifies her! The new one she loves 🙂

  5. We used to have a horribly heavy beast that I finally replaced with a Vax when we were expecting Elma and it got to the point that I couldn’t lift the old one up the stairs! Never looked back!

    • I wish my husband would let me get rid of the other one. It’s just wasting so much storage space! 🙂

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