Shabby Blogs Link Party: Top Ten Favourite Musicians

It’s Link Party time once again and this week’s topic is all about music: Top Ten Favourite Musicians.  When I was single, I couldn’t do anything without music.  I worked with headphones on beating deadlines, something was always playing in the background.  I grew up listening to the Beatles, Paul Simon and the like, so I’m starting my list also with someone whose voice was a familiar sound in my childhood:

1.  Joni Mitchell:

2.  Edie Brickell – And then thanks to my brother, I discovered Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians.  Her songs from the band’s first-third albums, Shooting stars with Rubber Bands, Ghost of a Dog and Picture Perfect mornings, were a permanent fixture in my playlist.  I’m not sure when they disbanded, all I know is that ended up marrying Paul Simon.

3.  Indigo Girls – In their 2009 UK tour, I got the chance to watch them live when they played in Bristol.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.  I can’t even begin to explain how much this group meant to me in the 90s, so I won’t even begin.  Let’s just say, I love their songwriting.  The words are just so beautiful and sometimes painful.

4.  Glenn Hansard:  Numbers 4-5.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for male musicians who can play the guitar and sing as if their very hearts are bleeding.  Yes, I’m a sucker for sad songs.  Oh dear indeed.

5.  Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan

6.  Counting Crowes:  See number 2 & 3.

7.  Eddie Vedder:  See number 2 & 3.

8.  Angus & Julia Stone:  This is probably the only newish group included in my list.  Sadly, I’m not so much into music nowadays.  Being a mother keeps me busy and when we do have music playing in the background, it’s either T’s music or classical music which is what my husband prefers and which I also like anyway.

9.  REM:  See number 2 & 3.

10.  Cynthia Alexander is a very talented Filipino musician who deserves more for her talent both as a musician and a songwriter.

Yes, I know.  The ones on my list are not the latest, I’m not even familiar with the latest bands/music anymore.  When I choose music, I listen to the words, just like when I choose a book, I read a few pages and if the words speak to me and or I like the style, then I buy it.  I do miss listening to music.  But ever since I became a mother, the rare moments I have of some peace or time for myself, I would always choose silence.


  1. motherhoodisanart

    5 of these were already in my favs list! I can’t wait to get a chance to check out the other artists on here that I haven’t heard of….we apparently have the same taste in music! And like you I’m not into many new artists due to lack of knowledge and time!

    • Oh wow! That’s nice =) You’re right about the lack of time to discover new artists/musicians. I feel so clueless most of the time. Haha.

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