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I must have been a “good-girl” this year, because I got what I wanted this Christmas.

We went to Hay-on-Wye last October, during little T’s short break from school and saw Sylvia Plath’s  (one of my favourite poets) book of drawings.  I knew she drew a lot, but I didn’t know that they published a book of her art works, so imagine my delight when I saw the hard-bound book in one of the many bookshops in Hay.  I held the book in my hand for the longest time and stood there, deciding whether to buy it or not.  You see, it was a bit pricey.

In the end, with a heavy sigh, I reluctantly let go of it, especially since I just bought a Folio book-bag, which wasn’t exactly cheap either, especially for a book bag.  Had I seen the book first, I would’ve chosen it over the bag as my husband would say “Yet another bag” complete with eye-rolling.

But I have it now!  See, if it’s meant to be, you will have it!

I was really surprised when my husband got it for me this Christmas (among other things), but this is no doubt, one of my faves!

Just look at how intricate that drawing is!

Not only that, my daughter also gave me this:

It’s a children’s book written by no other than, Sylvia Plath too!  Little T actually asked me to read it to her.  I read her the first story, but I think she’s a little bit too young for it.  And look, she also signed it.

Well, obviously not Sylvia Plath (she’s been dead more than 50 years), but little T 🙂

These are two of my most-favourite Christmas presents I got this year, what about you?

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  1. sonyacisco

    Oh what a wonderful Christmas present, I would love to get that! Thank you for joining in 🙂

  2. Keynko (@Keynko)

    I love that she signed it for you. Makes it an heirloom too, you’ll both look back on it in years to come and laugh! Thank you for joining in with our new adventure!

    • Definitely! And this is one book I’m going to treasure for the rest of my days 🙂 Look forward to linking-in next week! 🙂

  3. hurrahforgin

    Massive kudos to the husband and the daughter there! Amazing gifts and the drawings and superbly wonderful 🙂 x

  4. pennyalexander

    I love having inscriptions in books, must do this more – my parents always do/did and I love finding them 🙂

    • Do you know, now that you’ve mentioned it, people don’t really do that anymore, do they? Or at least none that I know of, except for my four-year-old 😉 I love inscriptions too!

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    How beautiful, what great gifts that show how much you are loved and how well they know you!

    • Yep, they definitely know me, especially my husband! He knows what really makes me happy, especially the small things and that’s what really counts 🙂 x

  6. lisaslife1970

    What awesome gifts! One of my favourites was a book of antique illustrations of London. My mum saw me holding it longingly in a shop and put it down and bought it for me. She was sure I knew I’d got it but I had no idea! I love surprises, especially when they come with pages to turn 🙂

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