Small Joys in Bed Linen and a Competition!

Winter is definitely here, not only because it’s the first week of December, but lately, the weather has been grey, dull and dreary and the days are definitely shorter.  Let’s just say T and I have been having loads of “hiding-under-the-duvet” days, especially during the weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I love linen.  Soft furnishings, especially bedroom linen remains on the top of my “small joys” list.  Changing the bed sheets into clean-crisp linen is an instant mood-uplifter for me.  It can be cold, wet, sombre and all the shades of grey outside my window, but it won’t matter to me, as long as I have lovely bedlinen to lie on.  That to me, my friends, is utter bliss!  So if you’re like me, then this post is especially for you!  Yes, you! And you’re very much welcome 😉

Elinens, a British company specialising in lovely bed linens and other soft furnishings for your home, will be running a “Bedding For life Competition” all through out December for bed linen lovers like you and me.

How to Join:

It’s really easy.   There’s no need to write a blog-post about it to tell us how much you want it, all you need to do is enter your name and email address here.  And that’s it!  You could be the winner.

The Prize:

A yearly £100 voucher to spend on the website.  Yes, yearly! Every year, you can buy bed linen sets, bathroom towels, bedspreads, cushions, or curtains to make your home even cozier than it already is.  Have I piqued your interest?  Want to find out more?  Click here to read more about it.  Sounds too good to be true?  Guess what?  It can happen to you!

Have you browsed through their website already?  My favourites are their plain Egyptian 100% cotton bed linen collection.  If I have the chance to win, I’d order everything from this collection and I’m set for life!  For me, nothing looks cleaner, fresher than crisp white-plain bedlinen.  Some may find it too “clinical” like a hospital or yes, a hotel.  But I just love it!  I like my bed to look nice and tidy, maybe because, most of the time, it hardly looks like that.  One can always dream right?

Have I convinced you already?  However, if you’re like me, ever-so impatient and always want something NOW, this very minute!  Then there’s more good news for you!  After all ’tis the season to be jolly and giving!  For you lovely folks who can’t just wait to win, but at the same time want to grab a good bargain, order now with the code elinens11 on the checkout and you will receive an exclusive %10 discount. What are you waiting for?  Join the competition or order now!

Do you also love bed linen, just like me?

What are your small joys or the little things that make you happy?

Do share.

Hope everyone is having a lovely first week of December!

*This is a collaboration.  Photos from the elinen website.

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    It said it was open world-wide, so I entered! I love linens! 🙂

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