Which Hand Bag Are You? I’m a Rucksack!

If I were to check-out Next’s Which Hand Bag Are You?  I’m probably a cross between the Hobo and the Rucksack.  Was a bit disappointed though that they didn’t include a “Carry-it-All” bag which is probably a must-have for any mother’s wardrobe.  Even before I became a mother, I’ve always preferred a big bag to small ones.  I needed a big one to fit my notebooks, books, pens, and other stuff.  Now I need a huge one to carry extra change of clothing for T, wet wipes, emergency snacks, T’s drinks, camera, wallet, cellphone and notebook.  No, sadly, I don’t bother to take a book with me anymore.  When T was born, I still used to carry a book with me in my bag.  But stopped because I never opened it, unless we were travelling and on a long flight and she miraculously falls asleep.

In case you’re wondering which handbag are you, take a look at this:

So if I were to choose a bag it would be the following hands-free bags:

As mentioned, a rucksack to carry all my mommy stuff.

or an across the body bag, handy for those city-strolls and keeping your important-mommy-hands-free to hold your little ones hand and the other hand for emergencies like picking up whatever toy your child has left lying on the street.

My Moodboard

The perfect white shirt!  One can never have enough white shirts in your closet.  They will never go out of style, although I was never one to follow the latest fashion trends.  In fact, I have absolutely have no idea what the latest-trends are right now and don’t really care.  I go for comfort over fashion, always have been.  I doubt if that will ever change, especially since becoming a mother.  You won’t find the word “fashion” much in my vocabulary.  I don’t even wear make-up!  The truth is, I don’t even know how to put make up on.

And jeans of course, who doesn’t love them?  I’ve always worn them, even at work, among people who wore suits or slacks.  I wore jeans to work.  My female boss chided me once, Dean, do you always have to wear those shoes?  She meant boots of course.  She wanted me to wear girly shoe.   I was never really the girly type.  I’m a walking disaster in heels.  I do sometimes wish I could wear them.

Just like bags, one can never have too much boots!

And because it’s nearly Autumn, must have a scarf!

And a simple cardigan, because I love them.

Yes, I know.  It’s not the most exciting outfit.  But hey, I never claimed to be exciting!

NOTE:  All photos was taken from the Next Website.

I wrote this post for the #nextbagitup, hoping to grab one of the lovely-lovely Next bags.  My husband is exasperated with my bags How many bags does a woman have to have?!  Is a question he likes to ask me, I say “There’s always more room for another!”

Do you love bags too?

Source: blog.next.co.uk


  1. I love big bags, too, but I could go for the pageboy bag, they called a satchel in that photo chart. I also like big hobo bags, big cloth bags, and sometimes a
    nice backpack, like what you have pictured above (canvas). In my profession, one big bag is mot enough. From time to time, I use a small purse, which I hate, because my phone and anything else I would bring with me; I have to use one to certain parties when you have to look fancy even if you don’t feel like one. Lol

    • Yes, I like satchels too. S gave me a really nice leather satchel bag which I don’t really use. Where will I use it? To take T to her play school? Hahaha.

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