Winter Woods

As part of our “getting-ready-for-Christmas” activities, we attended the Rogue theatre’s version of a Winter Woods woodland adventure.  They promised a magical adventure walk-through the woods of Trehidy.  Along with some parents from Tamsin’s play-group (with their children of course), our little family all-bundled up drove to the woods of Trehidy which was roughly an hour’s drive away.

Was a bit disappointed though, I for one expected to see more “live” fairies.  Instead we only saw about 3 or 4 of them.  One was on a tree decorated with little hearts and having a conversation either with the tree or other invisible elements.  The other danced a fire dance and the third was blowing bubbles outside the Winter Wood Old Man’s house who is supposed to be a hundred years old.  We didn’t have a chance to peek through his tent because our little strong-minded daughter refused to go inside.

Apart from a few fairies, a tent with the Winter Wood’s Old man, they also had a huge tent where they served hot cocoa, offered face painting and had a story-telling time with the kids which the older children loved.  As for my daughter, she preferred exploring outside in the night and cold with her little torch.

She was too young for it.  And later on us parents ended up having dinner at … where else?  The pub of course.

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