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Christmas came and went. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break. Ours was a relaxed one which was what we wanted, so all good here.

2019. A new year. I used to make New Year’s resolutions when I was younger. I haven’t made one in ages although I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to change in my life and I’ve come up with only one thing:

I want to lead a simple life.  

I’m not really religious but Pope Francis Christmas message did hit a chord with me. He said:

Forego the greed, gluttony and materialism of Christmas and to focus instead on its message of simplicity, charity and love.

I’ve seen photos of children on social-media opening presents and they had piles and piles of presents, more than they’ll appreciate. I saw a toddler sit in front of a pile and the child didn’t even know what to do with the tons of presents in front of him.

How much does a child need to be happy on Christmas day? Do we really need that much? Do we really need expensive presents to make us happy? Thank goodness I’ve never been brand conscious and designer clothes/bags have never appealed to me. I don’t want to sound self-righteous but I don’t think I’ll be able to justify to myself spending that much on something knowing that other people have nothing.

At the moment, I want to do a massive clear-out of all the stuff we don’t need. We have loads of crockery courtesy of my in-laws. Every time they get rid of stuff, without even thinking whether we need it, my usual response is “We’ll take it!” when they ask if we want it. As a result, we have more dinner plates I’ll ever need. We have more than a couple of gravy bowls, milk jugs, as if we’ll ever need more than one. My husband says “But you break things, Dean”. True and when I do, we’re lucky there’s always something to replace it with. But do we really need all that stuff?

I’ve resolved not to buy anything unless we really need it. I resolve not to buy anything just because I want it. That will be my mantra. Hopefully, I’ll stay true to my word. After all, as I’ve mentioned, how much stuff do we really need? Surely we only need the basics?

What about you? Do you also aim for simple living?

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. I definitely need to declutter my life! I have so many things in my home that we don’t use but I want to keep ‘just in case’. Great post. Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and New Year x

  2. I could have written this myself and so totally agree with simplifying things and having less stuff. We cut right back this Christmas and still had a great time and last year we did a Boot Fair and what we didn’t sell we passed on to a local dog charity for them to sell on. Happy New Year to you from France x
    Rosie @GreenRosieLife and @EcoGitesLenault recently posted…Going Green #23 – Jan 2019My Profile

  3. I totally hear you I also want a simple life but since everyone returning to work/school I fear things are sliding very far away from the simplicity of the Christmas break!!

  4. Ditto. I recommend watching Netflix’s Tidying up and Minimalism, they should help make the simplifying task easy. I had a proper reality check after watching it.

    • I’ve seen an episode of Marie Kondo’s Tidying up. It didn’t really “speak to me” the way I thought it would. But yes, lots of good tips there 🙂


    I cut down this Christmas with the kids gifts. Instead we donated items to places that make sure children get a gift at Christmas that might not have otherwise.

  6. This is very thought-provoking because the consumer nature of these days can be hard to escape sometimes. I would certainly like to strip back certain areas of our lives to make them simpler 🙂

    • It is isn’t it? I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick to my mantra and not be tempted!

  7. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    My husband is great at living simply and last year I had a good clear out of the girls rooms and it felt good. Next on the list is our room (my stuff!)

  8. Tracey Kifford

    We started the long process of decluttering last year. We renovated our kitchen and got all the cupboards organised … it feels like a whole new room / it’s genuinely a happier place to be. We’re now moving through the rooms in our home, one by one, and getting rid of ‘spares’, or selling stuff that we don’t use. It won’t be done overnight, but it’s a good thing to do.

    • That’s the thing with decluttering, it can never be done over-night. Sigh. I think it’s never-ending, especially since we always end up accumulating new things over the year – hence, the need for me to lead a simple life. Hopefully, I’ll manage to stick to it!

  9. We went for the five present method this year. One to read, one to wear, one to eat,one to make and one needed. It felt much calmer and no one felt they missed out. Totally with you about not buying anything unless you truly need it. Too much clutter that you end up not using the bits that matter, because they are hidden. We’re not into designer brands. As the children have grown older, it has raised its head due to peer pressure. On the whole they follow my logic and we have mostly escaped. Here’s to a simpler, calmer life! #GoingGreen

    • I love the idea of a five present method. Thankfully, my daughter loves reading so she got mostly presents. She’s 8, at the moment, she doesn’t seem to be bothered about getting much. Hopefully it will last. Her main present was a new bike, the rest were books. Admittedly, her grandparents have a tendency to give too much. But don’t really want to say anything to offend them. x

  10. I have been on a bit of a decluttering mission and have been horrified by how much stuff we have, this year I have vowed to only buy things we really need and have avoided the sales x

    • I’ve avoided the sales this year too. Normally, I’m always hunting for a bargain… even if we don’t need it. I’m trying not to do that anymore. x

  11. Laura Dove

    I so want to do this!!! I am a massive hoarder, my husband goes mad at me for it! I need to declutter!

  12. Christmas can be excessive…we tried to par it back this year. My boys left old and unloved toys under the tree on Christmas Eve for Santa to take back to his Elves who will give them to children who need them more (we need the room, and the toys went to a local Hospice charity). We bought a board game for each of them and that was it, but my husband comes from a large family so there were many gifts!! It’s difficult, I’d love a simple life!! #GoingGreenlinky

    • My in-laws also like to give us piles of presents each. It’s difficult isn’t it? It all becomes a blur when there are just too many!

  13. We have downsized our house and so have had a massive clear out. Most of it we sold on and the rest we have recycled as much as possible. My son didn’t get too many pressies for Christmas this year which was fab and well he only really needed two as there have been two clear favourites. I recommend down sizing to everyone

    • I’m slowly doing a clear-out. I’ve done our closets but have yet to tackle my daughter’s old toys!

  14. Over the years Christmas has lost its true meaning, I don’t know how many peoples most kids need to make them happy.

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