A Wedding and a Short Holiday

After being away for about two weeks, we are back!

We actually came back late last Friday, but the following days were all a bit of a blur.  T attended a party last Saturday, hung out in a friend’s house after, Sunday was spent resting (or trying to).  Went out food shopping Monday, Tuesday T had a playdate with two friends and today she’s having another one, plus a sleep-over!  Yes, our little house is still in a bit of a frenzy this week I’m afraid, so while we’ve been back, I haven’t really been online much lately.

This is really just a quick note to say the wedding was a blast.  T enjoyed her first time ever role as bridesmaid/flower girl.  She absolutely loved twirling in her white dress and pink shoes, matching with her cousin of course.  They both loved it.

Then we were off to Norfolk for a few days.  Our base was Hunstanton and it was lovely there.  Will do a little short series on Norfolk and all the lovely tourist places we visited.  I think they are all worth a mention here, so please bear with me as I slowly sift through the dozens of photos I took, hopefully they’ll all end up here.

Now excuse me while I make lunch for two excited little girls …

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  1. Mummy Times Two

    So glad the wedding went well. I was a bridesmaid as a child and still have very many happy memories about it now.

    • Thanks Ana 🙂 They had sausage role and a salad for lunch yesterday 🙂 x

  2. Baby Isabella

    It must be lovely to be a flower girl for the first time! What an honour and love the shoes!

  3. Anne Russell

    Glad you all had a great time at the wedding and look forward to hearing about Norfolk. We were there in early March on our annual extended family mini break and had a day trip to Hunstanton.

    • I keep getting it wrong Anne. Hahaha. It’s Norfolk not Norwich 😉 Hope to see you and John soon. xx

  4. Our two youngest will be flower girls in October. They’ve never even been to a wedding before so it’s going to be a big, wonderful day for them!

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