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I decided to put the Christmas tree down today and also put away all the Christmas decorations back in its boxes.  All gone.  Back to white walls, books and photographs.  I didn’t want to wait till the 12th day of Christmas to put them away.  The pine needles of the tree were falling off.  By the time I removed the last single decoration, there was a thick carpet of pine needles on our floor.

The tree, stripped off of its decorations, looked really sad.

It took me ages to get the pine needles off the carpet, while my husband chopped the tree and fed it to Charlie, our chimenea.  In fact, I need to make another go of it tomorrow.  Pine needles on the floor won’t stop us from having a real tree.  Nothing beats a real Christmas tree, especially the smell of pine inside your home.  Even if at the end of the Christmas season, your tree end up looking like this:

Sad, I know.  And it doesn’t even help that the weather is crap, crap, crap.

What’s your third day of the new year like?

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  1. We took down ours on the 2nd day. But,
    of course, ours was not real; all we had on the floor were tinsel and dog hair under the tree where it stood. I beg for a real one every year, but no dice. Hopefully, next year will be real. 🙂

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