City Living V Country Living

Before moving to a small village by the ocean, my husband and I lived in Accra for a year, the capital city of Ghana in West Africa with a population of about two million. We lived in a neighborhood within the heart of the capital. Every morning, as early as five, we would be awakened by street sellers, a shoe shine guy who banged his box shouting something gibberish, and Ghanaians getting ready to go to work or school. It was a very energetic and boisterous noise. One is almost ashamed not to get up and do something productive.

The thing about living in a city, there’s always something to do, watch movies, eat at different restaurants, go window shopping, browse through bookshops. The List is endless! It’s been almost four years now since we moved to this little cottage by the sea, in a small village with a population of about 800 people. (To say that they are extreme opposites is an understatement). There’s nothing much to do here compared to the city.

Bossiney cove – a hidden gem between Tintagel and Boscastle, just a short walk from where we live.

Mornings we wake up to the sound of sea gulls, and blackbirds singing, with the occasional mooing of the cows across the hills. It is lovely and peaceful, yes. In the summer nights, we would leave our window open, and listen to the rumbling sound of the waves hitting the granite rocks and occasionally, the sound of a hooting owl. In our little village, we have not one, but three pubs (this is England after all!), a garage, a newsagent, a number of touristy shops, b&bs, and one hotel. We don’t have malls or a movie theatre, what we do have are beautiful green rolling hills, granite cliff tops, a small forest and river.  A perfect place to raise our little daughter.

The yearly Boscastle Duck Race event Yes, that’s the whole village population enjoying the sun.

I do miss the city A LOT. I miss the crazy and chaotic way of living in a city. I miss the anonymity of walking in a crowd and getting lost amongst the population. I miss the energetic bustle in the air. On the one hand, it’s also lovely to be living in a place with 0 crime rate, where the beach is only a few minutes away, and where the air so crisp and clean. What about you?

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