Hopefully the Bright Days are Here To Stay

The sun, the bright sun, that brings back, not light alone, but new life, and hope, and freshness to man … – Charles Dickens (Oliver Twist).

That’s exactly how I feel after a long bout of the dull, greyness of winter and suddenly the days seem longer and there are more frequent moments when the sun is out and even though it is still cold, at least it is bright and lovely everywhere you look and the smell of the promise of spring is in the air.  Spring is my husband’s favourite season, and since moving to England, I can see why.

Out and About

This week has been all about walking around and taking photos in the sun with Doc while little T is at school.  I’ve shared some photos on my recent post and if you’re following me on Instagram, chances are, you’ve probably seen a few photos too. so I won’t bore you lovely folks by posting the same photos here.  Feel free to click on the links if you haven’t seen them yet.

Little T

After the half-term break, my daughter is back in the grind with school and her after-school activities like gymnastics, swimming lessons and Starmakers (this is really more like playing with friends).  Thankfully her cello lessons happens during school hours, otherwise I think she has way too much on her plate.  After all, she’s only 5, no wonder she always seems exhausted by the end of the school week.  I’m just glad that she’s enjoying all her activities and has stuck with them, in spite some of her friends dropping out, which makes me and her dad even prouder of her, than we already are.


When the sun is out, everything seems possible, isn’t it?  As if all your doubts and negative emotions, feelings or thoughts were but illusions or imagined.  I come from a country where there is always sun, so when it’s out, it almost feels like home to me.

I have some exciting news to share with you lovely people, but I don’t want to jinx it and only want to share it when I’m 100% sure that it’s all true. I’ve learned my lesson.  I’ve shared news prematurely in the past before and it all came crumbling down like a nightmare, so I’m keeping this close to my heart, till the coast is clear.  Only then will I share the good news.

As for the weekend, we have nothing planned.  The historian has a lecture in Exeter, hopefully the weather is the same, or at least, try so little T and I can do something fun outside.  Sadly, the weather isn’t good tomorrow and I have a feeling the weekend will be the same too.  But one thing I’ve learned about living in England is that you can never predict the weather no matter how much you keep checking the forecast online.  Sometimes it is spot on, other times, it’s completely the opposite, but I’ve learned to play everything by ear.

What about you?  Do you have anything exciting planned this weekend?

Do share.

My word of the week is Sunshine.

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. Lisa (Travel Loving Family)

    I always feel so much better when the sun starts to make an appearance too! The English weather does restrict the fun in the winter months:(

    • Some winter days does that, doesn’t it? But we also get a few winter days when it is lovely enough (no grey clouds, no rain) to go out and enjoy the winter sun 🙂

  2. Leah Miller

    I am so intrigued as to your good news!!! I hope it all works out!

    I feel exactly the same when the sun is shining, like the world seems like a brighter and more positive place xx

    • Thanks Leah, let’s hope the sunshine bring s in all the positive vibes and it really does happen 🙂 xx

  3. Laura @dearbearandbeany

    Ooh love exciting news, look forward to hearing about it. We have a weekend packed with parties and swimming lessons x

    • Ah parties! I’m envious. We’ll just be chilling and relaxing in our little home 🙂 x

  4. Jo Winwood

    Everything seems better when the sun’s out! We forget so quickly how beautiful a crisp sunny day in spring can be when we’re moaning about the rain. Thank you for reminding me how lovely the sunshine at this time of year can be.

  5. We have plans to enjoy the sunshine this weekend too, after such a dull and dreary winter! We’re going to go and explore a piece of our island we’ve never visited before (after my bootcamp session in the morning first!).

    • Wow, can’t wait to see the photos and read about them! You also live in a beautiful setting 🙂

  6. My word of the week is snow. My second word of the week is shoveling. My third word of the week I can’t say in polite company.

  7. The Reading Residence

    I do like some sunshine! Your pics have been beautiful, lovely to see. I look forward to hearing about your exciting news soon then 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  8. Kim Carberry

    The sun has been shining here too…It really is lovely!
    Have a great weekend x

    • Glad there’s been sunshine everywhere. Although sadly, as I write this, we are currently covered in a grey drizzle 🙁

  9. Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog

    I love that little T has stuck with it – that is awesome and I know she’s been enjoying it!!

    • Yes, in spite two of her very close friends dropping out of gymnastics, she’s still there and loving it 🙂 x

  10. Hannah Budding Smiles

    Oooh I hope all works out with your exciting news! I’ve felt so much better for getting out in the lovely weather this week, it’s been fab xx

    • Thank you. I hope so too. And yes, the sunshine does make a big difference on everyone’s moods 🙂 x

  11. I always feel better when the sun is shining and it makes me feel more happier. I can’t wait for the spring/summer and more lovely days.

  12. Cathy (MummyTravels)

    I do love those first days when the sun finally starts to come out again – it completely transforms my mood after what feels like endless winter. I feel ready to take on the whole world then.

  13. Sarah - Craft Invaders

    I agree, it makes such a difference when the sun is shinning – wherever you go people seem happier 🙂 We are hoping to get some gardening done this weekend, and my son has a football match – so the weather is bound to change lol x

  14. Sunshine always makes things better! and after the winter we have had I am in need of some serious vitamin D !! we have a busy weekend planned too so hoping for some good weather!

    • I think it will stay dry over the weekend. Dry but cold 😉 Unless the weather forecast changes again. x

  15. Lisa Backsnbumps

    When the sunshines it makes everything seem a bit better. This weekend we’re off to watch Goosebumps at the cinema and hang out with our friends and family. Happy Days.

  16. Emma White

    oh yes we sure do need a lot more sunshine as the weather has been terrible for months now and I can’t wait till the light nights come back and the days seem longer as at 5pm we are all in for the night and don’t want to go anywhere

  17. Hi Dean, it’s wonderful when the days start to lengthen, it’s natures way of invigorating us. And sharing exciting news could put a jinx on it, but now you have us wondering.

    Weekends for us are always busy these days. Saturday is spent getting Greg’s to places he has to be and making sure we have a decent meal. Sundays we have nice long walks with the walking group to look forward to, and the only thing I cook is a soup in the slow cooker.


    • Oh soup is lovely! And I also love the idea of a walking group. Maybe my friend and I should start one among the mums in T’s school?

  18. Ana De- Jesus

    I always feel better when the sunshine is here. The idea of a walking group is great! This weekend I have been scheduling posts, attending events working and I have a shoot tomorrow x

  19. I have had a manic working week, so for me, this weekend is to catch up on my chores, write a few posts and just relax x

  20. I’ve been feeling like winter has dragged this year. So I’m really happy that the sun has decided to put in an appearance. #WotW

  21. I hope spring comes soon, I spotted a few daffodils so I believe spring is on its ways. As you said, nothing like some sunshine to keep our hopes up! Hope everything goes well with your good news! Good luck x

  22. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    What a lovely word, it has been a sunny week hasn’t it- and we have been out and about enjoying the sunshine and I hope next weekend is filled with sunshine too!

  23. Ickle Pickle

    We have had more sunshine this week too – it makes such a difference to everything. Hope it lasts! Kaz x

  24. Angela at daysinbed

    When the sun is out it does make a big difference! I am looking forward to lighter nights!

  25. tracey at Mummyshire

    The weather is our national obsession – you can’t stop talking about it but you can never predict it, no matter how much you talk about it!
    It is lovely that the evenings are getting lighter again it’s really starting to become noticeable, it was 5.35pm before it started to get really dark here recently. It does make a huge difference, that and the Spring flowers – I just love the spikes of yellow everywhere!
    Have a lovely week xx

    • I know. I realised that when I moved here. And it’s funny because sometimes it’s not even small talk. People are actually really genuinely interested in the weather.

  26. I surprised my kids with a trip to Thomasland – it made their day and we had sunshine!!

  27. I love this time of year when the sun begins to shine brightly again. Just brightens my mood

  28. Ana De- Jesus

    I am rooting for you lovely, fingers crossed that the good news is here to stay xxx I can’t wait to hear the news
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Firmoo ReviewMy Profile

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