I Want to be a Rambler

No, not the kind that rambles on and on about anything and absolutely nothing.  Now that is annoying.  I want to be a rambler, the kind that walks the countryside at a pleasurable rate.

When we first moved to North Cornwall, my husband and I used to take long, long, walks.  When I say long walks, I mean the kind of walk, that by the end of it, your legs are absolutely refusing to walk another step – that kind.  He used to cajole me into moving another step by saying ‘Imagine that cold, cold beer, just a few more steps’. At this point I’d snap at him and say ‘You forget I’m not bloody English!  You can’t bribe me with beer!’

1. Hiking in Rough Tor in Bodmin Moor 2. Over-looking the Atlantic Ocean in between Boscastle and Tintagel 3. Trevose Light house near Padstow 4. Common wildflowers found in Cornwall. 5. Lovely tree with white blooms 6. Daffodils

Where we live, is absolutely stunning.  We walk by granite cliff-tops, over-looking the vast beautiful ocean.  Walking is a delight here, regardless of whether you walk by the seaside or explore the little narrow lanes and with an unexpected turn, find yourself in a little corner of heaven.  But ever since our daughter was born, we don’t do much walking anymore.  Now we only ramble when we have guests to do the obligatory walks with.

I miss that.  The other day I announced to my husband, ‘We are going to be ramblers’.  He gave me a nonchalant stare and said ‘What about her’, giving a little nod at our little rambler which set me hurling back to reality.  So I said, ‘Err, maybe when she’s old enough?’


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