I Want to be Superwoman!

Yes, complete with the red cape and boots.  However, unlike Superman I would very much like to wear my knickers under my tights please.  And since I’ll be super, that means I’ll magically transform into someone svelt and tall.  After all, have you ever seen a short and fat superwoman right?

In all seriousness though, what I really want to be is a SUPER, SUPER, SUPERMUM!

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SupermUm does not get tired even if she’s been up all night soothing a toddler with a high temperature, a bad cough and awful cold.  She will jump on her feet as soon as she hears the intro sound of groovy moves when her toddler is watching “Show me, Show me” on Cbeebies and will gamely do it without sagging or looking like a zombie about to fall off her feet.

Supermum will instantly know what is wrong with her child whether they are teething, have an ear infection and other life-threatening disease with just one look at their child.

Supermum can speak and understand baby talk, toddler talk and I’m-having-a-
tantrum-talk-and-don’t-really-know-what-I-want-talk.  Supermom will know!  Supermom is all knowing.

Supermum can stay on her feet 24/7 without feeling exhausted, tired or depressed.  Oh no, supermom is always happy, cheerful and positive.  There is no job that supermom can’t do or won’t do.

Supermum will play with her children with the same enthusiasm as her kids and then without whinging, sweep up all their toys back in its place in an instant and her child’s room and their house will be spic and span within a blink of an eye.  Not only that, in the same breath, she will also be able to cook healthy and delicious meals for her family.  Isn’t she the greatest?

Guess what, I’ll let you in a secret … supermum is also superwife and supercareer-woman!

And the best thing about supermum/wife/career-woman is that there is absolutely nothing in the world or any planet or universe that will weaken her –  unlike superman who withers like an old woman in the presence of kryptonite.

Now tell me, do you know a Supermom?  I’d very much like to meet her and maybe I could be her apprentice?

Oh and did I mention that supermum also has a super blog?  Supermum has everything.

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.

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