January Musings

American author Karen Joy Fowler writes in her novel, Sarah Canary:

Lots of people go mad in January.  Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June.  But January is your most common month for madness.

I don’t like January either.  It’s too drab and cold and long.  February isn’t too bad, especially since it’s such a short month.  And here in Cornwall, we’re lucky that spring happens early.  Unless of course, global warming changes that too.

And just like that, Christmas is over.  I’ve taken down all our Christmas decorations last Thursday when T went back to school.  I usually find that a sad account.  But since my Christmas vibe never came this year, I was happy to take them all down. I wanted to do it on the first day, but my husband said to wait a while longer.

The house looks bare of course, but I’m fine with that.  It doesn’t affect me the way it did past years.  Oh dear, what’s happening to me?

Do you do New Year’s resolutions?  I used to do it when I was younger, especially in my teens and as a young adult.  It’s been ages since I’ve done any but I still did them in my head.  Ran a list of things I want to do this year and bad habits I want to to get rid of in the dead of the night like writing more, reading more, that sort of thing.

I have no big plans for this year, except hopefully write more creatively.  I’ve always been a bit slow, I do little steps, hence the blog name.  Some have thought that since I started this blog when T was barely two, it was going to be all about her.  It was for a while, but this was supposed to be all about the little steps we take in life, now it’s mostly about our little life here in North Cornwall and I’m fine with that.

Here’s to more ramblings in 2018, I’m surprised people read this, but honestly, I’m grateful to all of you, especially since I’ve somehow managed to earn from this little blog of mine, to all the brands/PRs we’ve worked with a big thank you to all of you.  Here’s to more collaborations!

And to all those who email asking for free links and exposure in the words of my seven-year-old – accompanied with the most exasperated tone a little one can muster “Really now?”  Please be fair. 

To the rest of you lovely folks, hope all your wishes and dreams are granted this year!

What about you?

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Note:  Photo above was taken last year in Dartmoor.  While it’s been snowing in the rest of the UK, it never really snows here in Cornwall.  I don’t think it even did up in Dartmoor this year.

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  1. Nickolai Kinny

    Write more creatively. Now that’s something to stick by. Good luck with 2018 and keep writing! 🙂

  2. Suzy McCullough

    I couldn’t wait this year to take my decs down as well. I just wanted to get started with 2018. I have made a resolution to work even harder on my blog and do something for cancer research….undecided what exactly.

    • I’ve thought of them in my head… really must get it down on paper 😉

  3. I am not fond of January either. I always think we should leave the christmas twinkly lights up until Feb as January is dull. I have Eliza;s birthday coming up so we have something to look forward to
    Kara recently posted…18 Goals for 2018My Profile

    • I agree about the lights! In fact, I have one that I leave year-round 😉

    • I used to feel that way about the new year too. It’s just difficult for me now to dismiss the drabness outside my window!

  4. Cath - BattleMum

    I rarely make resolutions as I never ever stick to them. The only one I sort of make is to do as much travelling as we can as a family. And I also didn’t feel the Christmas vibe at all this year do I was so glad to take down the decorations on the 2nd!

  5. I have never been one for new years resolutions as most people never stick to them anyway I didn’t see the point. My husband and I have however come up with a plan for what we want to achieve in 2018 and are already hard at work putting the wheels into motion. I ususally get sad taking the decorations down but this year I was glad to get rid of the fake snow and glitter everywhere lol
    Anosa recently posted…How to Beat the January Blues in 2018My Profile

  6. Deborah Nicholas

    Im not setting any goals this year, i just want to stick in and get ahead with a lot of things but taking it a day at a time!

  7. Chloe Ciliberto

    Oh no, sorry to hear you’re falling out of love with Christmas. I really don’t like January, or February. Cornwall in Winter, it’s so hard to stay in an upbeat mood when you’re surrounded by so much grey and mizzle. My new years resolution is to take more time to read. I definitely used to feel guilty for doing that when I became a mum, but I miss getting lost in a story. x

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