The Story Behind some of our Christmas Decorations

I got this idea of buying a special Christmas tree decoration each year and allowing T to choose it from one of my oldest blogger friend Kate of Did That Just Happen Blog.  She did it with her son who is all grown up now and is in University.  Today she has a Christmas tree filled with wonderful memories!  I love that idea.

We started when T was three-years-old, I wish I had started when she was one.  But better late than never.

This was her first ever special decoration, we got it in a National Trust property where she also met her first Tudor Father Christmas, you can read all about it here.

In 2014, we spent Christmas with my in-laws at Woburn Sands.  While there we visited Frosts Garden centre to specifically choose a special Christmas tree ornament, luckily they were on sale.  T choose a vintage Father Christmas and Christmas Reindeer:

This is made of glass and is very delicate.  I used to decorate our kitchen in the old house, so of course, I also did it this year, especially since it’s the first room you’ll see once you step in our front-door.

I’ve decorated it with a garland and hang some of my glass baubles including the vintage Father Christmas.  Not clear on the photo is the vintage Christmas reindeer seen on the left side.

And of course, also decorated the mantel shelf above the kitchen fire.

Yes, I also have Christmas crockery, some of them were given to me by my lovely in-laws.  They know how much I love anything to do with Christmas.

And this was last year’s special choice:  Mr. and Mrs. Clause kissing.

And this year’s choice was a very sparkly penguin.  T said her Christmas rabbit needed a friend.  She bought that when we picked up our tree from the tree farm and that is why, when you have a small child, it’s impossible to have a “theme” going on in your Christmas tree.  I think all parents with young children have the “everything-and-anything-goes-theme”.

Now for my favourite Christmas tree ornaments:

I have a thing for glass Christmas ornaments, especially baubles.  I blame my mother for this, yes, she loves them too.  I couldn’t sleep last night, so I had the iPad in bed and was browsing through M&S’ website and was drooling over their Christmas decors which were on sale.  I told my husband about it this morning and he laughed and teased me and called it “Dean’s Christmas Porn” and then told me to just buy the blimming baubles, so I went online to purchase them and of course, they’re all gone.  Story of my life.

And I adore this little breakable Father Christmas, also vintage-looking.

I also love this angel ornament which I bought when we visited St. Michael’s mount in Penzance more than a few years ago.  I have this feeling though that it isn’t really a Christmas decoration, but is actually the Archangel Michael who supposedly appeared before local fishermen on the mount in the 5th century.  I don’t really care, I love seeing it up there on our tree.

And then there’s this tacky Christmas fire-guard my husband bought in Trelawney, a garden centre nearby.  There’s a little story attached to this one.  The Historian bought this fireguard not for this house, but for another house which had an open-fire and two wood-burning stoves.  We were supposed to move into it early this year.  We were all packed and about to exchange when the house-sale fell through.  If you’ve been following me for some time now, you  may have just read about the whole fiasco in past posts.

When we moved in our present home, my husband looked at our gas-fire and said, I’m still using that blimming Christmas fire guard  even if you all point and laugh.  To be fair, nobody is pointing and laughing, but yep it’s out and is staying there all through out the Christmas season, whether I have a say or not.

What about you?

Do you do this tradition?  Or have one of your own?


    • Thank you! And yes, I love the idea that my daughter chooses one special one each year 🙂

  1. That’s the advantage of not have boys. All your decorations aren’t broken by now.

    • I tend to hang the breakable ones far up high. Even I can’t reach them without a ladder 😉

  2. BloggerMummyLauren

    Love this idea of picking something special each year, so eventually each bauble tells a story of your family christmas, we’ve kinda started doing that this year too.
    BloggerMummyLauren recently posted…My 2016 SoundtrackMy Profile

  3. I’m just tickled that it is a tradition that will continue! And I love the arch angel one!

  4. My grandmother used to buy us each a special edition Carlton Cards Christmas decoration each year when we were really small. They’re still at my mother’s house and I would love to have them for my own tree. I was thinking of doing something with my own kids – it’s something really special. LOVE your fireplace, btw!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Chewy Trail Mix Oatmeal CookiesMy Profile

    • I’m sure she’ll gladly give them to you if you ask her 🙂 And you can also start that tradition with your kids this year 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Lauretta Wright

    What lovely memories to keep and share – great idea to have some great stories to share as the kids get older as well.

    • I’m hoping to preserve all my Christmas decorations (if that’s possible) and leave them to my daughter when as my father-in-law would say, have dropped off my perch 😉

  6. Nicola Cassidy

    I love looking at all your decorations and hearing the stories behind them – so sentimental! I love glass decorations too. As our little girl is only two our tree is very symmetrical and uniform at the minute. I can see that changing as she begins to grow up. Absol love your idea of getting a new xmas decoration each xmas, something that means something to your little one at the time. Great post.
    Nicola Cassidy recently posted…Does my child need speech therapy? What to expectMy Profile

    • Thank you! The glass ones though have to hang way up high, far from little hands. Fingers crossed, they won’t fall off 😉

  7. Fashion and Style Police

    What a fab read. Don’t really have a Christmas tradition but love the sound of yours.

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