Two Kinds of "Chill"

I’ll start with the first kind.  The relaxed kind, the kind that everyone wants, especially if you are a parent of a small child.

1. Chill

 “Just chillin” as some of our American friends would say to describe when they’re relaxed or in “an easy-going mood, the kind that nothing can stress me out, no matter what happens”.  Yes, that kind.

That’s how I would describe my “blogging” at the moment.  Some of you might know that I’ve been off my blog lately, after declaring “blogger’s block” a few weeks ago.  I’m not feeling 100% inspired and raring to go up and posting away again, or feel that I’m a “better blogger” because I took some time off.  What I’ll say is that I’ve definitely enjoyed not blogging and just “living”.

I do however still enjoy writing my thoughts down, or whatever words I manage to type, so I’m not pulling plug, at least not just yet.  Let’s just see where this will take me.  So at the moment, I’m just “chillin” with “blogging”.  I’m sure you get my drift 😉  Thank goodness I never really cared much about my stats, because I know this “cruising along” won’t do any good with my numbers, not that I really cared about them anyway.

2.  Chilled

Then there’s the “chilled” not-so-good-kind.  The kind that parents of small children who don’t really have much help around, or live near family so they could take-over, child care.  Yes, that kind.

The kind of chill that makes you feel the cold in your bones, and you feel as if you’ve actually got the cold in you, causing your whole body to shake uncontrollably.

It started last Sunday.  I knew I was coming down with something, I suspected a cold and a cough.  By the last day of the weekend though, I woke up feeling really chilled.  From then on it was a rollercoaster of chills, high-temperature and feeling okay enough to prepare a meal for little T.  To top it off, my husband had a meeting at Mitlton Keynes and had to drive to my in-laws who live in nearby Woburn Sands Monday morning, which meant, even though I had the chills, I still had to do everything including the school-run on my own.

The only way was to do it the “Pull yourself together woman!  Stiff upper-lip, and plod on!”   Never mind if you feel your bones rattling inside of you and it actually feels like you’re walking through a snowstorm, when in reality it’s actually just a breezy-early summer day.  But I survived, as you do.  So I guess it wasn’t so bad after all.

Have you experienced this kind of chill before?

Aside from drugging yourself up with Paracetamol, what’s your best tip to get rid of or at least manage the “chills”?


  1. Petal and Mortar

    Lemon and ginger with hot water, and sleep. Everything else goes out the window in the hopes of a speedy recovery. I, too, have no family close by to help. Hope you’re better!

    • I’m better, thanks! Hope I remember the lemon, ginger and hot water concoction the next time I have the chills 😉 It’s difficult sometimes without family near by, isn’t it?

  2. Youngonesfive

    oh bless, I hope you feel better soon.
    love your Cath Kidston tea cup.

    #WotW x

    • I’m better, thanks! 🙂 It was a present from my husband who bought it after his meeting.

  3. thereadingresidence

    Ah, two very different twists on the word then. Glad you’re enjoying your blogging break, and sorry to hear you’ve been ill. I hate that, and as a mum, you do just have to carry on, don’t you? Hope you’re well now x Thanks for joining in again with #WotW

    • Definitely carry on, we don’t exactly have a choice do we? 😉 Apart from the bad cough & cold, I’m better now thank you.

  4. marmaladepie

    I like the idea of chilling out and not blogging – I must make sure I do it this summer as I have got totally addicted to this blogging lark! We’ve all had a bug this week too – my cure this week has been a giant toblerone my OH brought me back from his work trip x #WotW

    • I think it’s important to “chill-out” when it comes to blogging, as you’ve mentioned can be addicting (like other things I guess). And giving yourself a time-out might just do the trick 😉 As for the bug, hopefully by the time summer vacation comes, we’ll all be done with it by then.

  5. I have the bad chills right now and it sucks! Especially with no help around. But I am loading up on oil of oregano and echinacea and it seems to me helping a little. Oh and lots of garlic.

    • Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. Will also keep that oil in mind the next time the chills hit me again 🙂

  6. travelingchristie

    Oh no what a nightmare, I hope you are feeling better there is nothing worse that catching a chill and feeling rotten xx

  7. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I’m just chillin’ with my blog, too! 🙂 And I have no remedy I am just glad you feel better!

  8. Fiona Chick

    Oh man, this sucks, Dean. I haven’t had a fever for a while, but I know too well how absolutely terrible it makes you feel. The thought of having to do all the childcare when feeling that way makes me feel seriously demoralised.

    After cancelling going on a night out with his mates owing to me being ill, my husband was trying to explain just how much of a disaster it is when your wife is actually ill. His childless mates didn’t get it, but he stuck to his guns and stayed home to look after the kids (not me, I can do that myself – it’s just the kids I can’t deal with when I’m crook).

    Hope you’re recovered xx

  9. Fiona Chick

    Haha I didn’t even notice that it was on the wrong comment. Ditto! X

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