Winter is Dead …

thank goodness for that.  Up country, the trees have fully regrown their leaves.  Down here in Cornwall, even though Spring happens early, the trees are still recovering from the “deadness” of Winter.  Some of them are still bald, some are slowly sprouting tiny leaves, pert against the blueness of a Spring sky.  I understand why this is my husband’s favourite season.  He says he likes it because there is hope in the air.  I like it because it is beautiful.  Suddenly the greyness is gone and there is an abundance of colour.  What’s not to like about Spring?  You must be really dull or hate life not to embrace everything about it.

Spring break has also come and gone.  We spent the first week pottering about, mostly gardening, although there is still a lot to be done, we are slowly getting there.

We also visited my in-laws in the second week and did a day trip to the bustling city of London.  It was nice to spend time with the family, but it was great to drive back home to the country again.  I think I also understand why some people don’t like leaving their place.  It can sometimes be a bit cumbersome and I’m not alone in feeling this.  My husband heaved a heavy sigh as he stepped on the gas to make that long trip back up-country.  We haven’t even left and yet we were already longing for home.

Ah home.  At the moment, home is this 400-year-old farm cottage surrounded by cows and fields.  The house gets mouldy in Winter, I have yet to repaint the walls.  There are still remnants of mould even though we’ve tried our best to wipe them away, you can still see them on the walls like scars that haven’t healed.  I’ll get down to doing all that, hopefully this week.

Hope and Spring, such a lovely combination, don’t you think?


  1. Catherine Walder

    Oh the fun of living in a very old house! Though our house is not as old as yours, it is very high maintenance, it’s like something has to be fixed one after the other, though we love it to bits. We have had lots of leaks (one was even just a week before M’s birthday, and the chandelier fell down so we had this hole in the ceiling and guests didn’t have to ask what had happened). Is yours a listed building?
    Hope + spring, I do agree 🙂

    • No, in spite the age, ours isn’t listed. It’s not architecturally that interesting you see 😉 The oldest part of the house is the kitchen. I think the lounge is Victorian. We don’t really have much lovely features unlike other houses as old as ours. But like you, we do love it. I just love the space, especially since we do have a big garden. It just suits our family-life. Oh dear, hope no one was hurt when the chandelier fell. Yours sounds lovely! I’m imagining exposed bricks, high ceilings and stripped wooden floorboards. We have nothing like that you see and I just love that sort of thing 🙂 x

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