Word of the Week: Panic

If you’ve read my recent post, you will know that my Facebook account was recently suspended.  I’m happy to share though that it’s up and running again, but I’m back apparently as someone named Alexandra, which to be fair is me, but it’s actually a second-name I’ve never really used.  I’m too paranoid to even change it in case they decide to suspend my account again.

Hello, my name is Dean… No, it’s Alexandra.  Err wait, what’s my name again?

My word of the week is Panic,  not only because of what happened to my FB account, but I just realised that it will be September next month.  The summer holiday is nearly over folks!  A friend of mine said to me the other night “Oh Dean, it’s just the first week of August!”  But do you feel as if the days are going by so fast?  We’ve barely ticked off our summer-to-do-list and school days are just around the corner.  I’m not ready yet.  Are you?  There are still loads of things I want to do with T, we haven’t gone camping yet, haven’t visited the capital yet, haven’t done this, haven’t done that.

The good news is that our camping buddy just phoned today and have asked if we’re still up for it.  I nearly shouted yes at her so if our plans won’t fail us and we’re able to find a camp-site in such short notice, you’ll find us camping over the weekend.  Carpe diem!

Do you feel as if they summer holidays is also going by so fast?

Do share.

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  1. The Reading Residence

    They are flying by, where does the time go?! Glad you’re up and running on Facebook again.Enjoy that camping x Thanks for sharing with #WotW
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Word of the Week 5/8/16My Profile

    • Not sure about camping now 🙁 T has had a temperature the whole day, hopefully she’ll be better soon or else, we are not camping 🙁

  2. That is a bugger about your FB account, have you complained to them? The holidays seem to be going quickly and slowly all at the same time here! Maybe it’s because lots of things are happening and we all desperately want our holiday at the end of August! 🙂
    Karen recently posted…Songs for AugustMy Profile

    • At the moment, I’m just glad I’m able to access my FB again, never mind about the name, not really bothered much since I only use it for my blog.

  3. I’ve not found that the holiday has gone fast mainly as my son isn’t in school and there’s not many groups on around my local area to take Blake. I do however feel we not done enough this summer.

    • I guess it may not seem that way when you’re child isn’t of school age yet. Soon! 😉

  4. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    That’s not great about your Facebook profile, it’s weird how they have used your idle name rather than your first?! Silly Facebook. Our summer holidays finish on the 17th of August…… CAN’T COME QUICK ENOUGH. feel like we have done everything about 7 times over.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk
    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl recently posted…#MeetTheBeauties ││ Unsigned, EmmieMy Profile

    • I know, so weird. Why choose my second name? Don’t really want to argue with them in case they decide to suspend my account again. Really? the 17th of August? That’s not far from now. x

    • It’s a bit of a panic isn’t it? That’s what I felt too, just when we decided to go camping, T has come with a temperature 🙁

    • I definitely panicked especially when they didn’t accept my scanned passport the first time I submitted it. Phew.

  5. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    I wish the summer holidays would go fast to be honest as our little boy struggles with them. I do feel this month and year will and has flown by. I’ts scary how quickly time passes when you get older #WotW

    • Our daughter doesn’t seem to be missing school 😉 Yes, it definitely feels like it’s going fast-forward now.

    • Our daughter doesn’t seem to be missing school 😉 Yes, it definitely feels like it’s going fast-forward now.

    • I just ordered socks/tights/underwear yesterday. Not buying uniforms this year, the ones I got her last year still fit 😉

  6. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Glad to hear you got your Facebook account back up and running again but so frustrating that it’s under a name you don’t use. The summer holidays are going by quickly – I want them to slow down! #WotW
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…The Friday Focus 05/08/16 – Going on adventuresMy Profile

  7. Time does fly over the summer but we’ve lots of time left yet, my girl still has to go to summer school for a few days, and I’ve got to take them shoe shopping for school shoes which I leave until the last minute because I swear their feet grow as soon as I buy them new shoes. But I am looking forward to September, not because of them going back to school but because I get a new car 🙂
    Anne recently posted…Transport – My Word of the WeekMy Profile

    • Same here. We also plan to buy our daughter’s school shoes when it’s nearer September 😉 Oh how nice! A new car 🙂

  8. Little B & Me

    I do have to laugh at Facebook, their policies are laughable at best.

    Seems a small name change is a bigger deal than abuse images.
    Disgusting, so sorry you got kicked off

    • I know. It’s fine. They’ve unsuspended me now, but annoyingly they’ve decided I should use my second name in stead of my first name.

  9. Fashion and Style Police

    Yea I think it is going by too fast. Can’t believe it’s August already. Can smell Autumn.

    • The weather has improved down here in Cornwall. Not ready for summer to be over yet 🙁

  10. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    Time flies! I also feel that I havent done anything thats nice for Sebastian. I hope I can cook up something that doesnt need money haha! #wotw
    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…Weston Super WindyMy Profile

    • I think you guys are lucky to be within walking distance to the beach! 😉

  11. Yes it is super fast! July ended really quick and I cannot even feel it is August then in one blink it will be September. September will be a busy month for us. But it will be under control. ☺

    • Even though I love Christmas, I wouldn’t want it to be Christmas just yet 😉

    • I know what you mean, remember writing a post about the countdown to summer!

  12. claire justine

    Oh no!! Fancy facebook doing that!! I was confused when I was looking for your post, now I know why 🙂

    I am panicing as I still have lots of school uniform to buy..
    claire justine recently posted…Orange And Baobab Polenta Cake…My Profile

    • Yep, I’m now known as Alexandra. Sigh… Not buying uniforms this year, did that last year and most of them still fit T 😉 I’ve bought her new underwear/tights and other school stuff. Have yet to buy her school shoes though.

  13. Melanie Edjourian

    Facebook can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes. It may be best to leave it in case they cause more problems x

    • Because I wasn’t using my real name, I had to prove that I’m the owner of the Little Steps account. When I submitted a scanned copy of my passport, they decided to use my second name. Bizarre, really.

  14. I’m glad you got your facebook account back, I never thought that you could get suspended. I get terrified if I break any terms of conditions especially with google Adsense making me an uneasy and always alert and I don’t feel like I want to be with them at all.
    Ana recently posted…RISE AND SHINE WITH SUNRISE CLOCKS*My Profile

    • Yep, as for google Adsense, haven’t really read the terms and conditions, but I don’t accept follow-links!

    • As much as I love Christmas, don’t really want it to come just yet 😉 x

  15. They do fly by, I agree. It sounds like you have had a nightmare with Facebook, sorry it has been such a pain xx

  16. Angela Webster

    My little girl didn’t finish until the 28th so we have just enjoyed our first full week of the holidays but it has whizzed by in a flash, September always seem to creep up quickly and then the rest of the years flies by. Glad you got your FB sorted out, such a pain. #WotW
    Angela Webster recently posted…Word of the Week – BusyMy Profile

  17. Ana De- Jesus

    So sorry to hear that your account was hacked hun! I know August is going by so quickly already!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Saying GoodbyeMy Profile

    • Oh it wasn’t hacked, it was suspended. Had to prove I owned the account because I was using my blog’s name. All is good now, though they (FB) decided that I should use my second name instead of Dean. Weird.

  18. Kate Eccles

    All a bit strange for us as my eldest is starting reception, it feels like we have been counting down forever! #wotw

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