All About The Cows

Yep, the blimming cows!

During autumn and winter, the National Trust who happens to own the headland near where we live, has an agreement with farmers in our area that allows their cows to graze on their property, which is supposed to help the wild flowers grow in the spring time.  I’m not really sure it’s working though …

The problem with the blimming cows is that the enormous headland suddenly becomes small.  And all the dog-walkers of course have to put their dogs in leashes, and when it rains non-stop, the headland’s walk-path becomes really mucky, almost impassable.  If you’re lucky, your boots won’t get stuck in all mud.  The locals in our area are not pleased with the cows, I don’t blame them.

So the first thing we do, as soon as we get to the headland is to take note of where the cows are.  Then we choose which part of the headland to head for.  Sometimes though, you’ll find them littered all over the stitches – when that’s the case.  I usually take Doc to the other part of the headland, which is separated by thick hedges and bushes.  That way, the excitable Doc can still have a run around, without the fear of disturbing the blimming cows.

Dear cows,

Please can we share the headland?

You can all stay on one side

and I’ll stay on the other side.


I love the smell of your dung.




  1. I related to your reference to the cow dung. Our dog Lady found a dead fish at the beach. I thought she was going to eat it. Oh no! She smeared it all over herself like roll-on deodorant and the stench made its way inside the hair follicles where it resolutely remained for at least a week after the bath. Dogs….

    • Oh Doc does that a lot too! One time during our walk he smeared something that smelled like fish – on the headland! Sigh.

  2. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    Oh dear – we have the opposite here in that we can walk in the valley fields in winter as they are too wet for the cows but have to check carefully before entering in the spring in case we meet a bull! Many thanks for joining in with #AnimalTales

    • Cows do make me a bit nervous too. That’s why I don’t really like walking too close to them when out with Doc.

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    LOL, rough life there Dean… having to switch to a different massively beautiful headland to walk your dog… 😀

  4. Emma T (@ETusty)

    I hate our cows, or actually the bullocks, because the OH always puts them in the best field for blackberries at brambling time. It means that they always come over if you go in the field, usually blocking off the gate, and not letting you just get on with it. With a dog and child, I can’t really go any more which is a bit annoying. #animaltales

    • Oh I understand why you’d be annoyed, with the cows on the headland – Doc and I just have to sort of manoeuvre around them. And yes, it can really be annoying sometimes.

  5. Cathie Boyle

    We have the same situation on a fab dog walk near us. It’s got a beautiful monument but the local farmers are allowed to let their sheep graze there at certain times of the year. It’s lovely to see but the dogs do miss out on their favourite walk. #animaltales

    • I know what you mean. Once, the cows were all over so I just had to put Doc on the leash and walk with me. Our Doc has boundless energy, so walking him in a leash is like torture for him – because all he wants to do is run around like a loony!

  6. Cathie Boyle

    Ash says – Dear Doc. I totally feel your pain here. I think you’ve done the right thing and let those cows know where they stand. PS I love the smell f their poo poo too!!! Love Ash xx Paw-5’s #animaltales

    • Dear Ash,

      I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who loves the smell of their poo!

      Love Doc xxx Paw-5s back at you 😉

  7. lisaslife1970

    We have a common near us that is home to horses and cattle at various times of year. Stella goes straight for the poo and, because she has to be on her lead at those times, I have to visit all the piles of poo too! Bless them 🙂 #animaltales

    • It’s torture for them to be on their leash isn’t it? Doc loves to run around like a loony. But of course, when the cows are all over, that’s just not possible. So he has to stay in his leash and walk with me.

  8. oh poor Doc – just as you think you’re going to get lots of space to run and play in come the cows! I love your fake snow too by the way!

    • I know. Most days though, we do manage to find an empty stretch where he can ran around without the fear of running into them 🙂 x

  9. Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

    I think I’d be annoyed too if I couldn’t walk freely over that wonderful headland #blimmincows! #animaltales

    • We don’t really mind sharing the headland with the cows, I don’t think they like sharing though 😉

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