Boots: The Prodigal Cat

We got Boots or Bootsy as we fondly call her from a Cat Rescue Centre when she was about six months old as a present for little T.  If I recall correctly, little T was barely two-years-old then.

I think I’ve mentioned this already in the past, I am not a cat-person, I’m more of a dog-person, especially since I grew up with dogs all my life and don’t really have much experience with cats, until Bootsy came along.

No, she hasn’t made me into a cat-person, I still prefer dogs.  But I’m very, very, very fond of little T’s cat.

I find it endearing how she’s always been patient with little T, even when they were both younger.  She would patiently sit still every time lT fussed her, unlike other cats though, she doesn’t really like being petted. She’ll only tolerate T, as for the rest of us, as soon as we try to pet her, she’ll get up, stretch and leave.

She’s been really loyal.  At one time, she would even follow us like a dog when we’re out for a walk.  You can read some of her adventures with us here, and here.

But sad to say, she has changed.  There are times when she’ll be gone for weeks, sometimes even a month, then suddenly show up at our windowsill demanding to be let in and of course, fed.

She’s also looking really fat.

Our neighbour told us that she once saw Boots on someone else’s couch.  Apparently an old woman has adopted her and other cats too.  My husband thinks though, that she’s not the only woman who feeds our cat.  Yes, it hurts me to say this, but she has betrayed us.  She is sleeping around.

I’m wondering now whether I should play the game and offer her what she’s been getting somewhere else.  What does the old woman feed her? Chicken, fish, bacon, sausages?  I can do that too!

She was home a few days ago, but hasn’t been again for more than a couple of days now.  To think that I already have chicken bits waiting for her in our fridge.

Do you have a cat?

Is your cat like our Bootsy?

Any advice on how to keep her in?

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. ortsofsorts

    As sad as it is to come the realization that your cat is sleeping around, it is the nature of cats to be fickle. I know it doesn’t make it easier, but knowing is half of the battle. Once you can accept the fact of cats being cats it will make it easier on you. I would not try to compete with the old cat lady and what she is feeding Boots, anymore than I would suggest taking up poll dancing. It’s just the nature of the beast…
    I have always had cats and am an equal opportunity animal lover, so I can say with ease and equality that it is NOT you. It is the cat…
    They love who they want to love… little minx.

    • Thank you for your wise words! Yes. that’s what my husband said to me too. He constantly reminds me how fickle minded they are. I miss having her around though 🙂 And I’m so glad to know it’s not me, it’s her! 😉

    • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

      Okay, the pole dancing comment got me!! That was so unexpected! But, Dean, I agree with ortsofsorts, but there was no way I could top her comment!

  2. Erica Price

    Not sure there is much you can do. Our cats used to go into other people’s houses, less for food and fuss, but more out of sheer nosiness I think. Life with an old lady who is always around and probably has the heat turned up high, is probably the cat equivalent of a dream pad, but I think it’s encouraging that she keeps coming back to you.

  3. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    Boots sounds like a combination of 2 of our cats – Henry (who she really looks like) for the not really wanting to be fussed and Foggy who, like her, skedaddles off for weeks on end. It seems though that Foggy just has a brilliant mousing spot in some derelict buildings and although he is home now, I saw him there yesterday (but he did come home for supper).

    I don’t think there is much we can do to keep our cats loyal as it is just not in their nature to do that. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that Boots realises what a great house you have and how much he does actually love T enough to hang around.

    Thank you so much for joining in with #AnimalTales and I am really enjoying getting to know everyone’s pets.

    • I agree… was really just kidding about competing with the old woman 😉 … Don’t really blame Boots though, I don’t think she likes sharing little T with Doc 😉

  4. lexiesnana

    Cats are like that.I love them but don’t have one. I find it easier to play with the grandkids kitties.

  5. Stella Lee @purfylle

    My cats have always hung around, maybe that says more about the neighbours then my cats. A friend however had a whole conversation via notes attached to their cats collar. The neighbour expressed concern about the cat being pregnant, my friend responded that he (the cat) was just fat, not pregnant. I think after that there were discussions about not feeding the cat at both houses for the sake of the cats health. Maybe you could leave a note advising your concern about your cat getting fat and the health problems that can present with that.
    On the flip side I’m really pleased to hear that the reason boots is taking off is for food and companionship because the other reason cats go for a wonder is illness. If they are really sick they may not come back. They don’t like to show their weakness so they hide somewhere until they are will.

    • That’s a great idea, about the note! Problem is though, Boots doesn’t wear a collar. We were advised against putting one on cats, because they said (people from the cat rescue centre) that accidents have been happening! I don’t think she’s ill, at least, she doesn’t look and act ill. She’s a young cat too, about 2 years old 🙂

      • Stella Lee @purfylle

        Collars on cat’s are difficult. since microchipping became available I stopped using them. Elastic collars or collars with some elastic stop most ‘accidents’ from happening as the cat can slip the collar off if it gets stuck on a branch or in their mouth if they try to get it off themselves. I’ve come hunting for the bacon comment, in case I said something thinking it was a just a joke.

        • About the collars, that’s what the people from the cat rescue centre also told us. Boots doesn’t have a collar either – she’s also been microchipped. As for the bacon, I’ve given it to Doc! 😉

  6. Hahaha! Oh my. You have a wandering cat! I was actually a cat person before I turned into a dog person. I had a cat when I was a kid and she was the one who woke me up every single day. Now I really dislike cats.

    • I can see why some may prefer cats, they are so low-maintenance. But Bootsy is the only cat I’m really fond of 😉 in spite of her “sleeping-around”. Hahaha.

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