Cats who love Dogs

I’m sure a lot of you have seen cute videos of cats hugging dogs on social media right?  They are everywhere! Little T can spend ages watching cat videos on you tube, you’ll hear her laughing her little head off.  I don’t blame here, some are really, really hilarious.

As for those videos of cats who seem to really love their doggie friends, are they really real?

Exhibit A:  This dog was apparently missing for ten days.  The cat missed him so much that it actually couldn’t stop hugging him.  The first time I saw this video, I kept expecting the cat to suddenly pounce her little claws on the dog’s neck, but no, it just kept hugging the dog, as if it really missed its furry friend.  Real or not?

Exhibit B:  Sweet moments between cats and dogs.  Really?  No, hissing, clawing or death stares?

While I don’t expect Boots and Doc to have this kind of relationship, though it would be nice if they did.  At the moment, Boots hates Doc with a passion, especially since he likes to steal her food.

On the other hand, Doc I think likes her.  He likes to please you see and if he had his way, he would like everyone to love him, like really love him.  After all, who would say no to this face?

Actually, I know who would.  This one:

There aren’t any cuddles happening between Boots and Doc in our house, more like hissing, barking and “You move you die” looks from Boots.

I don’t doubt the authenticity of those videos.  I’m sure they’re real and not staged.  I just wish Boots and Doc would learn how to tolerate each other without the cat going wild when he’s around.

Do you have a cat and a dog too?

What’s their relationship like?

Are they like the animals in the videos, or more like Boots and Doc?

Do share.

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. Erica Price

    I love the idea of this sort of relationship, but I’d hate to have them hate each other. One of the things that puts me off having a dog – can’t live without cats.
    Erica Price recently posted…While The Owners Are Away?My Profile

    • We got Boots before Doc and I guess that’s one of the reasons (apart from that crazy cat lady) why she decided to leave us. I think they are slowly learning to live with each other again 🙂

  2. laura dove

    We only have a dog, Ive never really been a cat person and to be honest, my dog would probably be terrified of a cat! He’s scared of his own shadow! I love things like this though, the tiger and the goat that were recently on the news were amazing!
    laura dove recently posted…Why do I blog?My Profile

    • Same here. Not a cat person either, but Boots, I’m very fond of her. We got her before Doc you see and she was barely two. T used to grab her tail, her ears, but Boots was always very patient with her 😉

    • I don’t know any other dogs and cats who have the same relationship as those pets in the videos. Not one 😉 x

  3. The Reading Residence

    I could not say no to Doc’s face, he is totally adorable! We’ve only ever had dogs, and they absolutely hated cats. Maybe Boots and Doc will become friends one day…maybe! x
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Those Dreaded Words…My Profile

  4. Aw Doc and Boots are both gorgeous, not sure how anyone couldn’t love that face though ❤️ X

    • Just Boots actually, I’m sure Doc would love Boots too if only she’d allow it 😉

  5. Rosie @greenrosielife

    Saari is totally tolerant of any cat that is happy to snuggle up next to her … which I think Moo will do soon. Henry is far too superior to have anything to do with dogs and does a wonderful look that says “Not another one invading my space” when we have new dogs here. At the moment we have Moo. Henry, Saari and 2 visiting dogs all flumped in favourite places but no cuddling or kissing from anyone.

    Poor Doc, if only Boots would love him – ’tis a sad #AnimalTales of unrequited love!
    Rosie @greenrosielife recently posted…Animal Tales 64My Profile

    • I love what you wrote “Henry is far too superior to have anything to do with dogs”. Hahahaha. I bet that’s exactly what Boots thinks too 😉

  6. charlotte

    awww! love these! – unfortunately my kitties loath dogs :p (sometimes they even get stroppy with each other :p) – but definitely cuteness to look at!! #AnimalTales
    charlotte recently posted…Guide To: Summer Buggy RunningMy Profile

  7. Ana De- Jesus

    Haha that death stare is everything. I kind of feel like the kitty needs a meme or something!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…F***king UpMy Profile

    • I’ve never made a meme before. That sounds like a fab idea Ana! xx

    • Love what you said “It is always on the cats terms”. Would love to find Boots and Doc curled up together, I doubt though if that will ever happen 😉

  8. Elizabeth

    Aw how adorable are they? We don’t have a dog- just two cats. I don’t have the patience to deal with a dogs demands!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Sunshine SmoothieMy Profile

    • So true about dogs, it’s like having another child sometimes 😉

  9. Zena's Suitcase

    It’s a shame they aren’t getting on so well, and that there is a little one sidedness going on. Maybe they will mellow a bit as they get old together

  10. I’m sure they’re real, but few and far between! We have a dog and I wouldn’t trust her for a minute with a cat in the house … She’s used to being the only pet.
    Alana x

    • I wouldn’t trust Boots and Doc to be alone in one room without any of us either. Goodness knows what the state it will be in if we do!

  11. I grew up with a cat and a dog in the same house. The cat would sleep in the dog’s bed and the dog would try to curl up in the cat’s tiny bed. Easy to see who the alpha was there!
    Grant R recently posted…St Andrews Day Trip – MonMy Profile

    • I think I’ve seen some videos on youtube! I don’t think Boots would even want to sleep on Doc’s bed. It smells! 😉

  12. Ickle Pickle

    SO cute – I love cats and their aloofness, they are so funny! I have had dogs and cats who have been the best of friends – but the cats always rule! Kaz x
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…Weekly Photo 2015 #14 #15My Profile

    • I think Doc is slowly learning to accept that Boots is above her 😉 x

  13. I think if the pets are both introduced at an early age you have more chance of the cat and dog getting on. I also believe they need to be a similar temperament
    Candace recently posted…Things I Love (March 2016)My Profile

    • Thanks Candace. So true. We got Boots when T was only about 2 and Doc followed the year after. x

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