Coming face-to-face with the “Crazy Cat Woman” of our little Village.

I imagined her to be in her 60s or 70s, with her hair up in a bun, a boxy cardigan on and sensible shoes.  It’s funny how we think of stereotypes, I blame the movies and literature.  The reality was, she was nothing like the woman I painted her to be.

Boots has had about four escapes since my husband cat-napped her back and we’ve managed to carry her back in until her last attempt.

I like to have a lie-in during the weekends.  Most times my husband just lets me be, this particular day though, I heard a door bang and his voice say “I think you should know the cat escaped again while you were sleeping”.

I got up, complete with dishevelled hair, still in my pjs, grabbed my coat, zipped it up and headed outside.  I went to the alley behind our house and saw her on our neighbour’s fence, but a dog heard me and started barking which of course frightened Boots away.

I sighed and went back home ready to accept defeat.  I announced “Well, if she doesn’t want to be with us, I’m fine with that!”  And crawled back under the duvet.

After awhile the doorbell rang.  I was hoping he’d get that, but he was obviously somewhere else.  I opened the door still in my pjs.  It was her.

Yes, I might have been right about her age.  But she wasn’t in a cardigan and wasn’t wearing sensible shoes.  She had a sporty parka on and trainers.  The kind of woman of a certain age who walks a lot, or maybe even runs  She didn’t look familiar though, that means she did her walking elsewhere and not on the headland.

As soon as she said, “I think I have your cat” I knew it was her.  I thanked her and said that I’ll ask the husband to fetch her since I was still in my pjs.

We have a feeling that the only reason why this time, she took it upon herself to look for us was because Boots was wearing a collar with our number on it now. If she kept her in again, she wouldn’t be able to claim that she doesn’t belong to anyone.  When my husband told her that Boots was chipped, she was actually surprised.  I really think that’s the last time we’ll ever hear her from her again.  The mystery is over.  Darn it, it was so much more exciting in my head!

As of writing, Boots hasn’t made any successful escapes out again.

Have you ever tried to keep an outdoor cat in?

Do share.

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. StressedMum

    I used to have 2 cats that hated going out so were indoor cats, until we moved and one would venture out the other sit by the door, until he died and she goes out now but at 20 she doesn’t go far. Cats have minds of their own and won’t do something they don’t want to do x

    • Dean B

      Boots certainly knows her mind! She’ll be up and running around once we move 🙂

    • Dean B

      The first few escapes, yes… But not the last one. She’ll be out and about soon 🙂

  2. Fi Ni Neachtain

    How funny! Your cat seems to really like that woman! 🙂

    • Dean B

      Don’t blame her really. This woman lives alone. We on the other hand, have a boisterous dog and daughter 😉

    • Dean B

      I know! How anti-climatic really! 😉 Just shows how boring life can be sometimes… I prefer my imagination.

  3. All the cats we had when i was little were outdoor cats, we lived on a few acres and we never moved, the house was quite roomy and i remember them being in alot too just out of choise but that might if been because thats where they got there own space as there were animals everywhere outside 🙂
    Marie recently posted…PiMag Waterfall ReviewMy Profile

    • Dean B

      Once we move and we’re settled, Boots can go back to being an outdoor cat 😉

  4. Ana De- Jesus

    Lol at least the mystery is now solved. I think Boots knows that the jig is up now thus no more escapades.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…April RecapMy Profile

    • Dean B

      That is so true… Maybe that’s also one of the reasons why she’s been grumpier than usual 😉

  5. I have two cats I’d have more if I could lol! My cats are allowed outside because I have a huge field out the back of my house, it’s very safe! And we live in the middle of nowhere. Quite often Ive had to go out looking for the cats though because I get worried when they’re gone too long. I’m sure people think I’m the crazy lady, haha xx

    • Dean B

      The house we’re moving to also has fields at the back of it… although the farm nearby has loads of dogs! 😉

  6. Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life

    I bet you are glad to have the mystery solved , even though it was not as you imagined. Hopefully there will be no more cat-napping xx
    Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life recently posted…April 2016My Profile

    • Dean B

      I hope so too… Yes, even though it was a bit anti-climatic 😉 x

  7. Now you have met her you will probably notice her around more. Hopefully Boots will stay in from now but you can’t blane the little fella for wanting an adventure x
    Jenni recently posted…Baby K’tan ReviewMy Profile

    • Dean B

      Probably. Boots will be free to roam outside again once we’ve moved 🙂

  8. Elizabeth

    Gosh, how strange! All my neighbours cats wander around the area carefree – why would she be taking in one that doesn’t belong to her? Bizarre.
    Elizabeth recently posted…An Award Winning Blogger?My Profile

    • Dean B

      As long as they don’t keep him in like this woman did to Boots… I guess that’s fine?

  9. Tori Gabriel

    I know she’s probably harmless but I hate people that think they can just keep other people’s pets. Glad she won’t be able to anymore.

  10. Emma T

    Brilliant that Boots is back. Handy things chips. It’s funny how you imagine people – I still think it’s a cheek that she kept the cat so much previously. I guess cats are oblivious, they’ll just go and stay where they fancy.

    Ours when we were kids, used to go through the house behind’s cat flap to lie in front of their fire with their cat. He’d also eat their cat’s food who wouldn’t blink at it happening in front of his nose. It only stopped when they moved and a family moved in with 2 pedigree cats who didn’t like an intruder coming in as though he owned the place. There were a lot of scraps with ours mostly coming out having mauled theirs. Ooops.
    Emma T recently posted…Top 10 driving songs – my new car playlistMy Profile

  11. Vai Chin

    It’s quite the opposite with us. All the cats in the neighbourhood seem to think our cat-free residence in fact belongs to them! Hope Boots stays put now x
    Vai Chin recently posted…Sky Blanket 2016: April UpdateMy Profile

  12. Little Pickle's Mom

    Oh no! Luckily, we never had any prolongued periods of absenteeism from our cat – sometimes he’d come in smelling suspiciously of smoke which made me think he might have let himself in to someone else’s house for a bit of respite but nothing ever to worry about. I can’t imagine just adopting or taking in someone else’s cat though?!? Seems so bizarre to me. If a cat’s not yours, don’t welcome it into your home? Surely it’s that simple?
    Little Pickle’s Mom recently posted…37 Weeks – Update from MomMy Profile

    • Dean B

      That’s what we thought too… But apparently some people don’t agree!

  13. We don’t have any pets yet sadly, however my aunt does and hers are always going missing for long periods, at one point resulting in my aunt sticking up missing cat pictures..however they always seem to just stroll in in the end like nothings happened. Xx

    • Dean B

      Yes, apparently cats do that. I’ve never really liked them, but I’m very fond of Boots. x

    • Dean B

      At least whoever the cat napper is doesn’t keep Scamp in for months 😉

  14. Zena's Suitcase

    The showdown is always an anti climax isn’t t. I had some neighbours who left bowls of cream and salmon outside for cats to eat and then wondered why my cats didn’t want to come and live at home anymore. Our showdown was a bit more tense

    • Dean B

      Thank goodness we didn’t have that kind of show-down… I guess it’s also because the woman lived in another street… although nearby 😉

  15. Stella Lee @Purfylle

    I’m glad to know what happened with Boots and that she’s come back home, even if she is grumpy about it.

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