Doggie Heaven

We live in Doggie Heaven.  There is a headland nearby where dogs can go for long walks, jump around like loonies and try to chase rabbits.  St. Peter’s woods is also close, complete with a river where dogs can go for a swim, if not they could also get all wet, smelly and chase seagulls down in the harbour.

Our dog Mutly liked to chase them, the rabbits.  But he was never lucky and never got around to catching one.  As mentioned on this post, we used to laugh and say he was a big joke in Bunny land, where bunnies liked to gather around the fire and talk and make fun about what a slow-poke he was.  I bet he was a legend!

We used to have rescue dog named Lila.  She was a hunter.  She came bounding up to us one day with a poor rabbit in her mouth.  I was so shocked.  She turned out to be a disturbed dog, not because she liked to kill rabbits, but she just turned on us on a few occasions.  When it became too frightening, we decided to take her back.  I still feel guilty about that now, especially when I think about what they must have done to her.

And then there’s Doc, hope he grows up to be a lot like the Mutt, already he is looking a bit like him.  Since he was a rescued pup, they were never really sure what kind of breed he was.  They though that he was a collie x lurcher.  But seeing Doc now, my husband and I think Mutly was a Bedlington cross too.

Doc loves the headland. We don’t put him off the leash yet, the vet said only to do it when we’re confident that he’d answer to our call – hopefully that will happen soon.  I doubt if he’ll chase rabbits though.  I bet the bunnies will take one look at him and say “Oh no, not another Mutt!”  And they’ll go home and tell everyone that the Mutt has been reincarnated.  I wonder if rabbits believe in reincarnation? Do you?

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  1. hurrahforgin

    Bunnies are my favourite animals so i’m glad Mutt never got one and i hope Doc won’t either! If i was reincarnated i would like to come back as a bunny 🙂

    • I like bunnies too, that’s why I was so shocked when Lila (the rescued dog we adopted) killed one and actually came up to us expecting to be praised!

  2. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    How great that T and Doc and are growing up together, I’m sure they are going to have great adventures and fun exploring together. I don’t envy you if Doc is able to catch rabbits! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    It looks like my kind of heaven too – you are very lucky! As is T having a dog to run and play with x #CountryKids

  4. Kriss MacDonald

    What a beautiful area to go for dog walks. My old dog (she lived to 16) loved to chase rabbits but she would have probably hugged it if she ever caught one – the sweetie was very mischievous but so gentle she never learnt to growl! Love the contrast of the bright red coat with the green open landscape/

    • Aww… Your dog was like our old dog Mutt… but I doubt if he wanted to hug them… more like he wanted to play with the rabbits! 🙂

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Ok, I was afraid to read this post, I though that Doc went to doggie heaven!! I was so worried! And now I’m relieved to discover that he just has a heavenly place to play! Whew!

    • Doc isn’t going anywhere. He’s definitely earthbound … hopefully for many, many, many more years to come! 🙂

  6. What a great place for dogs. I am not sure if I believe in reincarnation any more – I did when I was younger.

  7. Hello.
    I’m popping over from country kids. Ive adopted a dog a month ago. Freya, she was abandoned but so loving and huggy. Shes the subject of my country kids this week. Dont feel too guilty about taking your old woof back when the behaviour got bad, that was the sensible thing to do. Your new puppy is gorgeous.

  8. Life in the Wylde West

    that place goes on for days!! Our max would love it. He chases squires but never had been quick enough to catch one…whew. I love your photo’s here.

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