Little T, Doc and the Cows

C’mon little Doc!  It’s time for a walk!

Woof, woof, woof, woof!

It’s about time!  You haven’t been taking me out for a walk lately.

Oh don’t sulk Doc, says little T.

It’s just difficult for me to take you when I’m scooting around.

Doc gives little T a “I’m hurt” look, T ignores him.

Last one out, is a rotten egg!

Little T races out the door and up the headland with Doc behind her until ….

Woof, woof, woof!

Why did you stop?  Asks Doc panting behind her.


Ah, says Doc.

Woof, woof, woof!

What are they?

Cows!  Says little T.

Quick Doc, run!

And that’s what they did …

As for the cows, they just ignored them.

This post is linked-up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids.

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. Coombemill - Fiona

    Wise move – cows are not fond of dogs and can be quite unpredictable when they are around. Off on another adventure while it’s not raining! at least there’s no shortage of picturesque places to walk in Cornwall. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • Yes, good weather today! But looks like we’re going to have another downpour tomorrow 🙁

  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    LOL, even though I’m kinda in the suburbs, we have cows across the street, I always love driving by and watching them chomping down on the grass like the cars 5′ away aren’t even there! 🙂

    • The cows here tend to ignore T and Doc. It’s actually Doc who wants to go near and sniff them!

  3. These pictures look great! What a great family day out. I agree, your cows do look good. hahaha Great that you captured your adventure. Great memories to have.

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