My Sunday Photo: Boots – The Silly Cat

I twisted my ankle on our out way out for our usual afternoon walk-the-Doc with little T.  Two women saw my fall, I heard them say “Are you alright?” from afar, I picked myself up, smiled bravely, and with a thumbs-up called back “Yes! Thank you!”.  But all I really wanted to do was cry and hurl expletives, but of course you can’t do that in front of a three-year-old and a little pup can you?  The little ones (Doc and T) were obviously disappointed as mummy had to limp back all the way home, cancelling our little jaunt on the headland.

It’s a sunday.  The sun is shinning and I’m here feeling sorry for myself.  I have a work-deadline tomorrow, which I really should do instead of whining here.  But hey, I have every reason to whinge right?  The husband and little T are out swimming.  He specifically told me to stay in bed and rest my foot.  But I hobbled out of bed (shh, don’t tell him), down the stairs and saw this:

I just had to get my camera and click away.  She’s lucky, or shall I say, I’m lucky I didn’t trip over her and this time break my ankle?  Silly cat, she always makes me laugh.

I’m linking this post up with One Dad and Three Girl’s My Sunday Photo:

Hope everyone is having a pain-free and lovely sunday!
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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


    • I actually have loads of photos of Boots in silly poses. I guess cats do that:) Thanks for dropping by.

  1. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    She looks like a kid throw a strop. Hope the ankle is better soon

    Thank you for linking up

    • Yes, come to think of it – she does look like a kid about to throw a strop. Thank you!

  2. Strange Corners

    Ouch. Hope you get better soon! The sight of that cat would cheer anyone up, though :))

  3. Loubelle (@morethanamomma)

    That tummy is asking for a tickle! I hope your ankle is better soon x

    • Anne! Great to see you here 🙂 Yes, it was really an ouch! Still limping around the house now and it’s still a bit swollen. I’m actually getting impatient now. Haha. Regards to John. xx

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